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Twenty4Seven Magazine: Your Hustla

Twenty4Seven Magazine

Twenty4Seven Magazine is the hottest source for all of your entertainment, news, and advice. Our product offers you unbiased interviews, word for word quotes directly from it’s sources, coverage from events in surrounding areas, and will provide insight for all fields of entertainment and lifestyle. Twenty4Seven is entertainment. Entertainment Everlasting.

Magazine Layout

Twenty4Seven Magazine is an 8 ½ by 5 ½ sized full color magazine with a glossy cover, ranging from 16-32 pages.

Editorial Content

Twenty4Seven maintains the following recurring monthly features:

Feature stories on entertainers making news today.
Unseen Stars: A glimpse into the backstage world of music producers, promoters, and managers.
Teen Drops: Stress management and spirituality inspired message to young people to promote positive progression
T4S Models: Male or female model photo
Picture Perfect: Fashion photo or spread catered to clothing stores or fashion lines
Music Biz 101: Advice from some of the entertainment industry’s specialists
In The Mix: The hottest known and upcoming DJs out breaking music
Mix Picks: Mixtape and album picks of the month
Exposed: Confessions from the horse’s mouth about everyday people’s interactions with others that they want to put on blast
Who Shot Ya?: Photo gallery
Tweet Dat: Unedited Tweets from random Twitter users showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly
Twenty4Seven Worldwide: Happenings in different countries around the world
Connected: Video Game and gadget news and reviews
The Barbershop: Politics? Current events? Entertainment? They discuss it all
Ask D’annie: Advice column by author and psychologist, D’annie Grandison
Pull Up: Hot vehicle feature
Twenty4Seven Sports: All Sports Everything
Makin’ Noise: Up and coming entrepreneurs


Twenty4Seven Magazine is distributed on college campuses, Army bases, functions, retail stores, restaurants, clubs, concerts, and entertainment events throughout the Midwest, various cities in the south, and overseas. Approximately 10,000 magazines are printed each month. Considering an average readership of 3 people per magazine, the circulation is around 30,000 per month.

Twenty4Seven Magazine is distributed in select cities of the following: