Advertising/Placement (Print)

Front Cover (Includes Full Spread): $1,500.00

Back Cover (Includes Full Spread): $1,000.00

Inside Front Cover Page (Advertisement Only): $500.00

Full Page Ad/Interview/Story: $400.00

Full Center Spread: $875.00

Full Page Advertorial: $425.00

Half Page Ad/Interview/Story: $250.00

Quarter Page Ad/Interview/Story (Tall): $150.00

Business Card Ad: $50


Page Specs (Print)

Full Page

5.75″ wide x 8.75″ high (bleed)

5.5″ wide x 8.5 high (trim)

Half Page

5.75 wide x 4.375 (bleed)

5.5 wide x 4.125 high (trim)

Quarter Page (Tall)

2.253 wide x 8.75 high (bleed)

1.747 wide x 8.5 high (trim)


Advertising (Web)

Homepage (

Website Banner (650×420): $70 per week
Pop up banner that appears any time viewers visit our site. They will have to close it before viewing our site’s content.

Website Banner (1313×449): $50 per week
Main banner at the top of our website’s homepage.

Website Banner (728×90): $30 per week
Banner that sits amongst content on our website’s homepage.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

3 Posts: $20 per week
We will post client’s photo, link, info, etc. in a post/status, tweet, or IG post. Client will get 3 posts/tweets each on Facebook and Twitter, and 1 post on IG during a 7 day period. 

1 Post: $10 per week
We will post client’s photo, link, info, etc. in a post/status, tweet, or IG post. Client will get 1 post/tweet each on Facebook and Twitter, and 1 post on IG during a 7 day period.

Placement – Entertainers/Entrepreneurs (
Article or Interview: $50
Video: $25
Article, interview, and or video will only be posted once and will be shared on Facebook and Twitter on that original post date. Afterwards, the artist may share that post whenever he/she wants. 


Advertising (Misc.)

Twenty4Seven Magazine Mixtape Placement: $25 per song (2 song limit)
Submit your music and information to Your music submission will be reviewed by our staff to determine if your submission is of quality (audio quality, content, etc.). Once approved, payment will be collected.

Album/Mixtape Reviews: $50 per project
Submit your album or mixtape along with your contact and social media information to Your submission will be reviewed by someone on our staff after payment has been collected. The review will be placed on


Special Editions

Our “Twenty4Seven Magazine” Special Edition issues are great for clients who need a little “more” exposure. They consist of bios, interviews, and ads soely about ONE cient/company. Perfect for record labels, businesses, and individuals who want to go into greater detail about what they do.

7 pages (out of 8) + 4,000 personal copies (5,000 printed): $3,000

7 pages (out of 8) + 3,000 personal copies (4,000 printed): $2,700­

7 pages (out of 8) + 2,000 personal copies (3,000 printed): $2,400

7 pages (out of 8) + 1,000 personal copies (2,000 printed): $2,000

Please allow 1 page for Twenty4Seven Magazine intro/info.

Per package, personal copy vs. printed copy distribution varies according to clients’ needs. However, “Twenty4Seven Magazine and it’s staff” must distribute at least 1,000 of said copies. Of the remaining available copies, client may choose how many he/she wants to distribute personally. “Twenty4Seven Magazine and it’s staff” will distribute the rest.

For inquiries or quotes (for special editions with higher numbers and quantities), contact (Subject Line: Special Edition Inquiry/Quote)


Need a Graphic Designer? Add an additional $70 to ad cost. Contact Brightwood Entertainment at 317-756-7433 or log on to

*Note* Twenty4Seven Magazine reserves the right to reject artwork that isn’t up to par with our standards.


Twenty4Seven Black (Black Business Directory)

While we support all businesses, we definitely want to ensure our entrepreneurs get a boost.

1 Year: $100.00

2 Years: $150.00

3 Years: $200.00

Information to include: Business name, contact name, address, phone number, photo and/or logo (optional), website or social media links, and brief info about your business. 

Payments can be made via our store. Submit your information to (Subject Line: Twenty4Seven Black)



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