Twenty4Seven Beauty: Ashley K. Carson

Tell us a little about yourself.
Well…I am a 23 year old ambitious, young Woman…I am from Memphis, TN and have always had big goals of making a name for myself. I am graduating this December with my Bachelor’s in Nursing and have served in the United States Army for the past five years…I give every ounce of me to be the best at everything that comes my way. Since 2010, I have devoted myself to my Modeling career. I must say, the toughest part has been making myself known locally, gaining a following and FINDING OPPORTUNITIES; however, slowly but surely, things are beginning to happen. Overall, it’s been a great journey, and I am just ready to turn up the heat!!

How did you get started and what does your modeling background consist of?
I would say that my Modeling career began in college at Austin Peay State University. I was a Model at one of the fashion shows on campus. My boy Holla, whom I didn’t know then, was the photographer hired for the event. From then on, he and I began shooting, and I began getting looks from other photographers, too. My career so far consists of numerous photo-shoots, which I’ve used to build my portfolio; I’ve been featured as Beauty of the Month in Twenty4Seven and Beauty of the Day for TopFlightEntertainment; I was recently featured in Atlanta’s Hair Stare Magazine with celebrity hairstylist, Tamara Johnson. My last project was done with Michael Hopkins on South Beach and North Bay in Miami, FL!! I must say it was a rush being shot on the beach, not only by my photographer, but by tourists, too lol! I loved it! I submitted a few edits to top national and international agencies and they replied stating that they really liked my look and said that I have potential to work in the larger market, but wanted me to get more exposure locally and to get more magazine work…that’s my focus!! Every opportunity that comes my way…I’m grabbing it.

How would you describe your style?
My style…hmmm…I’m very versatile in what I do, but my best style consists of Editorial and Commercial work…typically the type of work that you see on America’s Next Top Model and Macy’s catalogues. I’ve done the eye candy and bikini work, and did great at it…I just like to schedule myself. Not everyone gets a Modeling contract and not everyone is on billboards…that’s what I want!!!

What inspires you?
It’s simple…the need to succeed!! It’s not a want, nor a desire…it’s a need. That’s why I’m always searching for ways to better myself…always looking for something new…always researching for my next shoot!

Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?
No…I used to be that way, but now my hunger for the camera takes the shyness away. The camera allows me to truly be Ashley…no filter…no nothing. It’s just me and the camera!

Do you get to travel to do shoots? If so, where is your favorite place to visit?
I actually just did my first shoot where I traveled…that was to Miami…who doesn’t have fun and enjoy Miami?!! I know I did. Looking to shoot there again Next Spring-it’s in the works now. I am currently booking a shoot in Chicago this fall…I’m so excited!!

For someone who is trying to get their modeling career started, what advice would you give them?
GO GET IT!!! No one is going to give to you. Do as many shoots as possible and take those small jobs. Jobs that don’t pay are giving you exposure and further increasing your portfolio. What’s a Model with no edits? That’s the way that you advertise yourself!! Once to establish yourself, you can begin to set rates for people to photograph you…you have to start from somewhere *Kanye shrug*

Who are some of your favorite models? Why?
Eva Pigford is MY GIRL!! She is so edgy, fierce and might I add…hecka gorgeous!! I’m a petite Model and she’s barely 5’7″…our skin tones match and depending on my hairstyle, I hear a lot that we favor. She’s very motivating to me because she literally came from nothing to being the face of America’s Next Top Model and now she’s doing Tv shows. She’s not a cookie cutter, typical Model…she’s Eva!

Cynthia Bailey is awesome…now she’s what I call the cookie cutter Model. Flawless height, high cheek bones, full lips…etc…I love her so much because she is so down to earth as a person, easy going, not to mention she has her own agency, the Bailey Agency, in Atlanta. She’s giving the youth opportunities to make it- after all,she came from Alabama with nothing…struggled in NY and eventually made a name for herself. Gotta love her!!

Rather if its a photographer, model or a fashion company, if you had the opportunity to work with anyone, who would it be?
Cynthia Bailey would be my overall choice. I need to be with someone who can coach me and pull the best out of me. Her personality is sweet and down to earth, but when you’re in her world of modeling, she doesn’t play around. I think that it’s good to have a healthy balance between workhorse and nurturer.

Who are your favorite photographers to work with?
Joseph “Holla” Long, Kevin Temple and Michael Star Hopkins Sr…These guys all have their own special way of making me pop infront of the camera. Joey is my best friend and my first photographer ever, so we knock business out while jonsing on each other lol! That’s my bro. Kevin shot me for Atlanta’s Hair Stare Magazine…he’s super laid back and let’s me work the camera!! Big Mike shot me in Miami…he’s hilarious. He always says, “Make that money girl” lol. Three awesome photographers have a greatly expanded my port,

Other than modeling, what else do you do?
I am a Senior Bachelor’s Nursing student at Austin Peay State University. I was an All-American Track and Field athlete for two years. I have currently served in the Army for the past five and a half years…before I pursued Modeling, I did lots of music…LOTS of it…my best music has been with Michael Marxx and Ernest “Stylistic” Fields.

As far as modeling, what are you not willing to do?
I am not willing to do nudity; however, I love implied nudity.

How do you prepare for a photoshoot?
I prepare for shoots by researching exactly what look I’m looking for and searching Models who do it best. For example, for my Miami shoot, I researched Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. I look at how they dress themselves from the clothing to the accessories, their various facial expressions, and of course their poses. I take in everything and then tweak them to fit me.

What type of modeling do you like to do the Most?
Commercial, editorial and Eye Candy

What is your availability? Traveling? Full time? Part time?
Up until December, my availability is strictly weekends. After December, my schedule is wide open. I will be relocating to Georgia for better opportunity. I am open to traveling, depending on the location and compensation.

Why should they choose you?
You all should choose me because, I give it my all…my motto is, “I’m not perfect but I strive for perfection”…I adapt to constructive criticism and I get the job done! Being new to this industry, my mind is open and ready to learn…! Choose me and I wont let you down!

If a photographer wants to work with you, how can they contact you?
I can be contacted directly at; (901) 335-3118; on Facebook at Ashley Kay Carson; and on Twitter- @AshleyKCarson1…all of these contacts come directly to me, so my response will be quick.

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