Author and Therapist, D’annie Grandison Becomes Lifestyle Editor For Twenty4Seven Magazine

D’annie Grandison is a author and a practicing life enhancement specialist who is available for sessions, speaking engagements and consultations. We would like to welcome her to the team!


Interview By: Nahomie Julien

Congratulations on your new position as the new editor for the lifestyle section of Twenty4Seven Magazine!
Thank you! I’m really honored and grateful for this new chapter of my life.

Tell us about yourself. Who are you and what are you hoping to achieve with this new section of the magazine? 
Well, I write under a pseudonym, “D’annie Grandison” because that is the holistic me. It’s who I was, who I am, and who I am striving to be. I am Jamaican born, America developed, and universally aspiring. I have a counseling practice in Georgia and I am a lifelong teacher and learner.

What is your educational background?
I was finishing my thesis for my first master’s program in Boston where I was researching sexual abuse and it’s implications in a learning environment. I realized at the very last paper in the very last class of the degree that I needed to go into a different direction. A year later, I started a second masters program in Mental Health Counseling and the rest is history.

How do you handle such a busy life? It sounds like you do a lot. 
I am Jamaican, so my standard ten job “In Living Color” reference definitely applies. I do my best to balance everything and I try to be passionate about what I do. I really believe that if your work is your passion, it will never become “work”.

What do you think you will bring to the magazine?
I think that Twenty4Seven Magazine is a part of the “new voice” and by that I mean we have a responsibility to contribute to the evolution of our minds, bodies, spirits, and souls. I want to be a part of that catalyst of identifying the biological, psychological, and sociological factors that affect and impact our day to day existence by creating some open dialogue about those components. I want to be a part of the change I want to see and I am excited that I am being given that opportunity by Twenty4Seven so that I can have a forum to do so.

You mentioned you have a counseling practice in Georgia. What role do you see counseling playing in our community?
There has always been a stigma, particularly in the African American community, associated with mental health. It also is associated with minorities and people from the islands.  We are a very proud and private people so we like to keep our business to ourselves or just in the family. The truth is there are some dirty secrets being kept that are destroying lives everyday. Sexual abuse, particularly incest, affects one in every three women. Although this may not be common knowledge, the scars left from the damage affects everyone, including me.

This has affected you, personally? Tell us more about that.
Yes, it has. My story is one of many that I will share in the future. I want to place the emphasis on those who do not have a voice at the moment. I want to be apart of the act of removing the shame and the stain from those affected.

Wow! Sounds like this is all going to be deep stuff!
Well, not all of it. I’m excited about my column, “Dear D’annie”. I, as well as some great writers will help paint the canvas of more of our stories. We are all not just one shade and I want to showcase that in as many facets as I can. We want to help discover new talent and help dreams deferred and ultimately add to the amazing creative process that is already here at the magazine.

I’ve read a few of your pieces and “My Boyfriend and I Broke Up” (featured in Twenty4Seven Magazine’s Issue #31) is my favorite by far. Reading some of the comments on your Facebook fan page, I saw that so may people identified with that piece in particular. Why do you think that is?
Undeniably, everyone wants love, to be loved, to love and to be in love. When we are in it we hope for the best often not preparing for the worst. That’s what happened to me. I was in a relationship, hoped for the best, and was not prepared for the worst. When I wrote that piece, that’s where I was and I think that’s what resonated with others.

Is there anything else you are working on now?
Actually, I’m releasing my first poetry book called, “From My Heart and Rage to Yours”, which is a compilation of a few pieces I think we can all identify with before, during, and after a breakup. I have amazingly supportive people  in family and friends, as well as on my Facebook fan page who encouraged me to put my stuff out there. This is my go at it.

Does that mean you are single?
Lol, yes it does. But, it also means that I know my worth now and I am not interested in settling. I’ve been there, done that!  So, now as I approach 40, I’m comfortable in my skin and I’m content with being single.

What else can we look for from you in the future?
I’m getting a lot more comfortable now with speaking engagements and I’ve been lucky to have been invited to speak in front of some amazing people navigating the journey called life. I also have another book coming out in the summer and we are starting to film a new series dealing with much of the same issues we will be talking about in the magazine early next year. I’m also working on a three-day seminar that will be focusing on personal, emotional, psychological, spiritual growth, and development. It will be held in Jamaica next fall so I am excited about that.

Lol, all a part of the ten jobs, right? 
Not quite ten yet. I’m still looking for work, Lol!

Thank you for stopping by. I can’t wait to see what you do next.
It’s been my pleasure and that makes two of us.


Contact D’annie Grandison via Facebook or IG at D’annie Grandison, via email at or via phone at 1.888.988.8331. Also, her website is



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