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You ever want what you NEED so bad you just act on impulse, and it isn’t until the opportunity to step back and analyze your situation passes, that you realize you’ve been had?! Well I’m feeling pretty salty after buying

I hadn’t planned on touching on this subject, but here it is anyway. Today marks the 9th year since the passing of my first born. A week or so ago, I had a huge breakdown with my boyfriend. I told

So I haven’t been back to work in about 8 months and I’m seriously dreading the day I have to swipe my badge. Fortunately, when I do make my “grand return” I’ll at least be on a part-time schedule for

Why do we torture ourselves for the sake of loving someone? Why do we hang on even to the point where we find ourselves slipping… Like most relationships, the beginning of “us” was wonderful. He was my first big leap

Zombies are real. I’m living proof of that statement. No, I’m not walking around gray-faced, violently hissing at people, attempting to indulge into the flesh of my fellow man with an urgency I am incapable of controlling. I am a