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The secret about your history that they don’t want you to know. By Drawback Jacob aka Brother Yarashalam. Via jazmine williams

Watch the first official trailer for HISTORY’s “Roots,” premiering Monday, May 30. #Roots Via HISTORY

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Agree or Disagree? What say you? via Spoken Reasons

  Twenty4Seven Magazine media staff member, Joseph ‘Holla’ Long, delivers a short film from the Million Man March 20th Anniversary in our nation’s capital. Check it out and let us know what you think. Like, share, and subscribe. Instagram:

  Dr Umar Johnson Taking over Oklahoma Political System via Oklahoma EnTv

  Dr. Claud Anderson delivers a powerful presentation at the Black Writers on Tour entitled “The Exceptional People” detailing the history of people of African descent in America as a great and exceptional people unlike no other people. In this

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  Synopsis: With the 2007 recession, the housing crisis and soaring unemployment rates leaving Black America’s wallet trapped in the crosshairs of the United States’ financial crisis, the lack of generational wealth in the African American community has never been