There’s countless number of movies and true stories that depict the artists or actors who left their small town in hopes to “make it big!” They hopped aboard that long bus…train ride, or even drove & arrived to their destination

By Royse Todd New artist, old artist, young people and old all came together tonight on June 28, 2015 to celebrate the BET Experience Award Show. Kendrick Lamar opened the show with his hit song “Alright” and had the crowd

Since the series “Empire” came on the scene, every woman wants to be like Cookie. Even Mary J. Blige was quoted in an interview saying she adored Cookie and wishes she was like her. No shade, but here is the

Today’s rap music is filled with lyrical themes involving explicit male power fantasies of wealth, sexual dominance, and killings. This poses a major question that I would like to ask my readers. Does rap music influence teens or merely mirror

I’m No Critic, But… Criticism; whether constructive or not, grants us an opportunity to either improve or maintain ourselves based on the perceptions of others or our own judgment of self. Being critical doesn’t make someone right or wrong because