As we approached the New Year we pounded ourselves with New Year’s resolutions and promises some of us already broke in the spirit of desired change. Although we strive for change within a new year we also strive to grasp

Meet “Zoe Ever After” co-star Tory Devon Smith! A talent both on and off screen, Tory is quite passionate about his career and looks forward to the future with high hopes and enthusiasm. Get to know Mr. Smith on a

Allow me to introduce Michael Nardelli, a talent in acting, producing, and directing. In his latest film “Circle” (available on Netflix), Michael plays Eric, one of 50 individulas who find themselves trapped in a twisted game of life and death.

D’annie Grandison is a author and a practicing life enhancement specialist who is available for sessions, speaking engagements and consultations. We would like to welcome her to the team!   Interview By: Nahomie Julien Congratulations on your new position as

A Moment with Walshy Fire By D’annie Grandison Whenever you want to know who a person is now-a-days, you can “Google” them and if their life is measured by any commercial success, you will find them on Wikipedia. When I

                                        “It’s Zombie Slicing Time” Words and Interview by: Royse Todd Since the start of the thrilling new season of “Z

Budding actor and model, Keith Powers is a series regular of the Teen Choice Award winning MTV series, “Faking It” and has a role as Dr. Dre’s younger brother, Tyree Crayton in the highly anticipated upcoming Legendary Pictures biographical drama,

By: Kysha La-Faye We caught up with Twista before one of his shows in Indianapolis and got the chance to talk to him about Chicago, his “Withdrawl” EP with Do or Die, and his future projects. Tell us how it

Words and Interview By: Tyrone Davis Tariq Nasheed is an author, documentary film producer, internet radio host, relationship expert and more and is most known for his relationship books such as “The Art of Mackin” and “Play or Be Played”

Words and Interview By: Tyrone Davis Lucky Smith, better known as Lucky “The Promo King” hails from Indianapolis and has been in the entertainment business over 20 years. Here we discuss his past, present, and plans for the future. You