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  Tallahassee, FL — Marissa Alexander was granted a new trial by an appeals court on Thursday, more than a year after she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot during an argument with her

  Former WBO Heavyweight Champion Tommy Morrison Passes Away at Age 44 of HIV. Via Juliana Souza  

  Via ABCNews The Ohio man convicted of kidnapping & raping three Cleveland women for a decade is found dead. *MORE:

  Gawker’s West Coast Editor Cord Jefferson appeared on last night’s episode of All In With Chris Hayes to discuss his controversial essay on the damaging lawlessness and savagery of white culture. Cord and host Chris Hayes also spoke about

  Video via agelesstrailers Jim Kelly, who starred with Bruce Lee and John Saxon in “ENTER THE DRAGON” has died at age 67. He was also known for his films “Black Belt Jones”, “Black Samurai”, and “Melinda” which were “Blackploitation”

Via RightThisMinute Darien Long, also known as "Kickass Mall Cop" by his supporters, has been let go from his job as a security guard at a mall in Atlanta, Georgia. This came after a video of Long using a taser
She looks good. We're happy for her. Via GetNoticedMedia (Youtube)