Gary Chambers Jr.: Yazz The Greatest (“Empire’s Hakeem Lyon) Is A Jerk And Ruined My Event

Gary Chambers Jr. booked Yazz The Greatest (real name Bryshere Gray) who played Hakeem Lyon on Fox’s “Empire” and the event turned out to be a complete disaster. He owns a black owned magazine based out of Baton Rouge and wanted to book Yazz to help fund the magazine. We are also a black owned magazine (The Rouge Collection) so we completely understand. Yazz was paid 10k for the event.

He says, “I booked Yazz to come to Baton Rouge and it was a great disappointment. My only way to deal with how he behaved is to share it with the world through my freedom of speech. No one may ever watch this video, but if someone does, just be mindful that fame doesn’t give someone the right to be a jerk.”

via Gary Chambers Jr.

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