In Case You Missed It: Until Dawn (PS4)
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In Case You Missed It: Until Dawn (PS4)

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Unless you’re heavy into the gaming world, a stalking super fan of Hayden Panettiere, or a Sony Pony, you might have missed out on Until Dawn.

A game that might will literally leave you fucked up.


A game built upon the premise of the “Butterfly Effect,” this game isn’t a Hack’N’Slash or a First Person Shooter while there are some action sequences.  The results of this game are rooted in the choices you make.  Reading a note or even choosing not to help a friend in their time of need could get one of the 7 characters you’ll be playing as killed. To make matters worse, the effects of the choices won’t be felt right away; usually when you least suspect it or of course, when you least need them.

Until Dawn largely went under the radar due to its exclusivity to PS4 and the unfortunate reality that we live in a gaming culture dominated by franchise games.  However, it scored hugely positive reviews and holds a 7.5 out of 10 on IGN; a rating I personally believe is an undercut. I would have given it a solid 8.  But if you’re looking for a game that has beautiful graphics, suspenseful, and entirely fucked up, try Until Dawn.

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This games plays out like a horror movie. It will keep you on edge. Most definitely worth the purchase!


4.13 out of 5


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