Jay Daskreet – Walk The Line 2 (Mixtape Review)

Mixtape Review By Tyrone Davis

Jay Daskreet returns with the sequel to his 2013 mixtape, “Walk The Line” with “Walk The Line 2”, which was released late 2015. Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Tunica, Mississippi, Jay represents both states, but you may hear him shout Mississippi a little more because he spent more time developing there. He also has close ties to Memphis, Tennessee, which isn’t too far from Tunica.

With majority of the production by Memphis producer, Slim Pro, other records were produced by Jay Threatt, KC Beats, OhGod Productions, Jayy Jizzle, and Rick Code. The project features Almarie, D. Austin, JDS, V. Diddy, and The Don Gregory and was hosted by DJ ThreeSixO. Stand out tracks on this project are, “Do It Big”, “Hello Lover”, “What a Man Wants”, “Hard Times”, “Tired”, “LMAO”, and “Traveling”.

When I asked Jay about what “Walk The Line” meant to him, especially in reference to part 2, he said, “Well, on part one I was walking the line between what I wanted to create and what people wanted to hear from me. With “Walk The Line 2”, I’m putting myself in the music and forcing people to either love it or hate it. Technically, I’m inviting them to walk the line 2 (too) as in walk WITH me.”

I’m a pretty touch critic, but I can also see the potential in people and Jay Daskreet may be on to something. He has exhibited the ability to both rap well and write songs with concepts that don’t only include guns, drugs, sex, and, murder, which is what is being crammed down our throats, regularly. His creative approach to certain topics kept my attention and although I wish a few other options could have been explored on some of the hooks, nobody is perfect. I’m aware everyone is not in a postion to sit in a multi million dollar studio with unlimited resources, so I don’t hold that against him too much. I’m basing my critique of this project in comparison to the artists who do have those resources that he needs to be able to bang with to stand out. I look forward to hearing more from Jay Daskreet in the future.

“They say, “Go to school” and you say, “No Way!”. They say, “Eat a booty” and you say, “OK!”. Pull up your pants, you’re such a discrace. So sick to my stomach, can’t tell by my face!” – Jay Daskreet “LMAO”

Listen/Download, “Walk The Line 2” by clicking here.
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