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Interview By Moses Gates

Can you tell our readers who you are, where you’re from, and how you got into music? 
My name is Kehoa York. I am from Detroit, Michigan by way of Atlanta.  I come from a musical background, growing up in the church.  Music is my first love.

When did you realize that being an artist is what you wanted to be?
When I turned 5 and I won this singing contest in school. I sung Mariah Carey’s, “Hero”.

How many projects have you done thus far? Which has been your most successful and why? 
I have done 3 projects so far that are exclusively mine.  My most successful would have been, “Something Provocative” it showed a lot more of my sentimental side.

What is your current project and the lead single you’re pushing? 
I am currently working on an EP and mixtape right now.  The lead single is called, “Ooo Wee”.

You rap and you sing. Which one do you feel you do best compared to the one you prefer to pursue?
I honestly think that they are both equal. They both show a part of me although rapping is more amped up and hype for me.  No one really expects me to rap but once I open my mouth that’s all she wrote, Lol.

If you had to put a name to the music you do what would it be called and why? 
“Unorthodox” because nothing that I do is the same. You can’t put me in a box.

Who are some of the people you have worked with on any collabs or production?
T-Rock from the original Three 6 Mafia, King Gordy from D-12, Mark Watts, John “Hollywood’ Drama, Big Herk etc.

Who was your biggest influence in music and why?
I wouldn’t say that it was a person. Life experiences and things that I see on a daily basis really influence my music because I can understand it.

What would be your ultimate collaboration and what type song would it be?
My ultimate collaboration would be with Tank and it would be a very sensual and sexy song.

What do you feel people will get from listening to your music?
People will definitely get a sense of connection with my music.  9 times out of 10 anything that you hear from me someone has gone through the same thing or something similar.

If there was one thing you could do differently in your career what would it be and why?
Yes, it’d be to never let anyone discourage me by their actions or try to take advantage of me.

Being a sexy woman in this industry, have you ever been disrespected and what was the situation?
Yes, initially there were a lot of signs of disrespect because people see you and they think, “Oh, well she’s a pretty girl” but they don’t pay attention to my talent.  I had to make them pay attention and listen to me because my music is so much deeper than what you would think.  I had a situation back in 2007 with a radio host from one of the radio stations in Atlanta.  He felt like because (I guess) most females would try to get on by dealing with him in an unprofessional way that he though it would work on me.  I had to pull myself away from him. The funny thing is a few years later he reached out to me and apologized.  That was very grown man of him.  People have to understand when the talent is there you don’t have to sell yourself.

Are you seeing anyone and is it hard to date in this profession for you?
Yes, I am seeing someone and I’m loving every minute of it.  However, it is very hard dating in this industry because a lot of people can’t handle it.  They have their own insecurities that they are dealing with and those negative vibes can definitely discourage you and put you in a bad headspace.

Other than being an artist what else do you do or have going on?
I am a proud parent of a 8 year old young man and a 5 year old young lady.  I also model and do a lot of community service work.

Anybody you would like to shout out?
Absolutely. I would like to shout out my team, “Blue313” and my new manager, “Lyrek” for supporting me. Also, everyone that has supported my movement and that has believed in me since day 1. Unfortunately, I can’t name everyone but you know who you are.  Those long nights and mornings in the studio with my little one.  I wouldn’t change it for the world. Loyalty is everything to me and I appreciate the ones that never doubted me.

How can people reach out and contact you?
You can google me or find my music on Tidal, Amazon, Google Play, Youtube, Vevo, Soundcloud, etc.  Also, you can follow me on IG: @Kehoa_doll, Facebook: Kehoa York, or Snapchat: @Kehoa_doll.  For booking information please contact Lyrek  at

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