Memphis Queens Hustle and Flow “Cypher Series” Episode 1

Memphis Queens Hustle and Flow consist of 10 talented Queens all raised in Memphis, TN, coming together to let the world know we are here!

There will be 5 episodes and a finale show! Subscribe Now and tell a friend!

For more details about the movement and Queens visit us on:

#Follow our Queens online:

Da Ladie- @DaLadieCEO (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)

Dutchezz- Dutchezz.DaVenum
@DutchezzDaVenum (Instagram)

@Miss901Nina (Instagram, Twitter, & Youtube)

Lady Crazy-

@Lucky_muda_fuka (Instagram)

Lady Guttah Bug-
@LadyGuttaBug (Facebook & Instagram)

Lady Paperchaser-

Memphis Mayhem-
@IAmMemphisMayhem (Facebook & Instagram)

@ContactKeia (Facebook & Twitter)
@TheRealKeia (Instagram)

Miss Joyce-
@MissJoyceMusicQOK (Facebook)
@MissJoyceMusic (Instagram & Twitter)

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