Reality Show Coming To Indiana? Introducing “Indy Belle”

Indy Belle is an American reality television series centered around 15 aspiring models from the state of Indiana who will be competing for the title of “Indy Belle”. Created in the spring of 2016, the show’s focus is to not only to provide a major platform for its contestants, but also to show the world, “there’s more than corn in Indiana.” During the course of the show, contestants will be participating in various events and challenges that they will earn points for, which will be based on where they place in that particular challenge. The challenges will be modeling industry based as well as physical and fun. Points will be issued by a panel of special guests judges who will critique the contestants based on their best photo during a photo shoot, how well they are able to market a physical product, how fierce they are on a runway, or even how they place in an obstacle course. The winner of the show will receive $10,000 cash, a modeling contract, magazine placement, and various prizes.

Aside from these ladies proving to the world that they deserve the title of “Indy Belle”, viewers will also get a chance to get to know them and how they operate in their daily lives and amongst each other. We will be filming them in bars, restaurants, clubs, out on the town, etc. and will provide plenty of opportunities for businesses, products and entrepreneurs to be seen and heard. The show is currently being shopped to various networks in hopes of it being picked up and as of now, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from potential viewers. Our target demographic is all ages and nationalities, as our contestants are a very diverse group. “Indy Belle” will air in the spring of 2017.

The following video was shot during Indy Belle’s auditions and model training sessions leading up to a photoshoot for an 18 month calendar. To support via purchasing a calendar or for sponsorships, visit

Project Indy Belle: Prelude


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