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Gucci Mane talks his time in prison, realizing his real friends, his influence on the hip hop industry and the new album The Return of East Atlanta Santa.

Jamilah Lemieux and Amber Phillips discuss the importance of cultural journalism with The Breakfast Club. Via Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Usher discusses new album “Hard II Love” being on lean when he showed his penis in the steam room, his longevity, his investment with the Cleveland Cavaliers and much more.. Via Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

“What do people do when they’re confused? They stand still. Black America is at a stand still because they don’t know if they should listen to the Sharpton’s and the Jessie’s who say racism does exist, but it’s not that

Tariq Nasheed discusses race, racism, and history within the United States. African Americans not voting until a candidate actually does something for them and how blacks can gain power. Via 105.1BreakfastClub

Kevin Gates clears up the incident in which he kicked a woman, discusses his crazy instagram videos, his new album and much more. Via 105.1BreakfastClub

Kevin Hart chats with the Breakfast Club about Ride Along 2, his engagement, the mistakes he’s made, his deal with Nike, plus much more. via 105.1BreakfastClub