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Words + Interview By: Lucky Smith At 17 years old, most teens are still trying to figure out what they really want to be in life. Some have a plan, while others may still be enjoying their childhood, chasing girls,

Interview By: Tyrone Davis (Editor/Publisher) Quick recap for those who haven’t seen you in awhile or may not be aware of you. Give us a little background info on yourself. I’m originally from Indianapolis and have been DJ’ing for over

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With the industry becoming more “DIY (Do It Yourself)”, the concept of DJs United was formed by various DJ coalitions and DJs in the midwest region who were supporting the future of the record business. 2012 was the inaugural “DJs

  This video was to give an overall perception of what Dj Dacick 1 can provide…… Not only is he one of the top Mixtape Djs in the Country, He also does graphics, video editing, makes beats, and a world

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  Interview with Trap-A-Holics. Filmed in Indianapolis, Indiana. Subscribe on Youtube: www.youtube.com/twenty4sevenmagazine Follow Us on Twitter: @Twenty4SevenMag Follow Us on Instagram: @Twenty4SevenMagazine Via twenty4sevenmagazine