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Dr. Umar Johnson Discusses Interracial Marriage, President Trump, Self-Hatred & More

“What do people do when they’re confused? They stand still. Black America is at a stand still because they don’t know if they should listen to the Sharpton’s and the Jessie’s who say racism does exist, but it’s not that

  Dr Umar Johnson Taking over Oklahoma Political System via Oklahoma EnTv

  Dr. Umar Johnson returned to Kansas City Missouri for the first time in over a year on February 15, 2015. The black history event was entitled, “150 years after the 13th amendment, still not free.” During the Q&A Portion,

  From the “Ground Zero” Documentary: “Anyone who tells me that I should be content with accepting hell on earth when the white man has his heaven here, and the chinese man has his heaven here, and the arab and