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Below is the “Happy Ending” music video that was banned from his youtube channel. It has been re uploaded multiple times by different users.

Interview By: Tyrone Davis (Editor/Publisher) What was it like growing up in Oregon? Growing up in Oregon is absolutely ideal for a kid, especially before cell phones were around. There are endless rivers, lakes and waterfalls to swim in, trees

Interview By: Tyrone Davis (Editor/Publisher) Quick recap for those who haven’t seen you in awhile or may not be aware of you. Give us a little background info on yourself. I’m originally from Indianapolis and have been DJ’ing for over

Words + Interview By: Tyrone Davis (Editor/Publisher) Madeline Lauer is an R&B singer/songwriter from Dublin, OH. She just recently released a project titled, “Open Book”. How was your childhood? My childhood was very much ideal. My parents are incredible and

Dr. Umar Johnson Discusses Interracial Marriage, President Trump, Self-Hatred & More

Words and Interview By Krystal Luster Meet Yohance Myles, husband, father, motivational speaker, and artist of many trades. Yohance has a severe passion for his craft, family and spreading a much needed positive message to his fellow man. It isn’t

Words and Interview By Krystal Luster As children, and even into adulthood, we are reminded to never judge a book by its cover, and I believe Inas X is a great exempt as to why we shouldn’t. Music can mean

Tissa Boswell is an aspiring model from Detroit, Michigan. We understand you’re from Southwest Detroit, known as “The Hole”. What was your childhood like growing up there? Growing up (in poverty) in Southwest Detroit was pretty rough. There were some

Tariq Nasheed Talks About Racial Dominance in American Society & How It Effected The 2016 Election