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Dr. Umar Johnson Discusses Interracial Marriage, President Trump, Self-Hatred & More

Jackson, Mississippi native David Banner talks self-hate in Jackson following his Godbox Lecture Series at Thalia Mara Hall on Tuesday, March 8, 2015. Via Jessica Simien

Dear White Supremacy, First of all you are not really that supreme. While throughout history White Supremacy it must be admitted you have achieved some very dominant positions. These positions have been gained mostly through force or some biological agent

  Dr. Boyce Watkins Talks Dame Dash, Black Entrepreneurship, And Racism with The Breakfast Club. via Angie Martinez 105.1

  Dr. Umar Johnson returned to Kansas City Missouri for the first time in over a year on February 15, 2015. The black history event was entitled, “150 years after the 13th amendment, still not free.” During the Q&A Portion,

https://www.3DNATEE.com Via 3D Na’Tee

The critically acclaimed documentary film Hidden Colors 3 has been the number one best selling documentary on Amazon.com for over two months. Go to http://hiddencolorsfilm.com for more details. Via TheEliteWay

  Hailed as “a fascinating revisit” to the famous 1968 Blue-Eyes/Brown-Eyes Exercise in discrimination by Jane Elliott, this film documents the effects of racial prejudice with startling force and emotional intensity. Via South Azerbaijan

  FILM AVAILABLE HERE: http://crackingthecodes.org. In this story from Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity, a film from World Trust, author and educator Joy DeGruy shares how her sister-in-law uses her white privilege to stand up to systemic racial