Twenty4Seven Beauty: Diosa aka Arnetta Badd

What city do you represent and what is the model scene like there?
I represent the city of Black and Gold, Pittsburgh, PA. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The model scene is very dry in Pittsburgh. I actually just finished coordinating a big model conference along with John Blassingame for Dyme Magazine to help aspiring models, actors, entertainers, etc. with valid information about the entertainment industry.

When did you start modeling and how did you get into it?
I started modeling about 3 years ago when I did my first hair and makeup competition in Empire Beauty School. I’ve been hooked ever since.

How tall are you and what are your measurements?
I am 5″4 and my measurements are 36″ Bust-24″waist-42″Hip.

Do you find it hard for dark skinned women to be professional models today? Why or why not?
No, I dont find it hard being a dark skinned model in the industry today because you have so many dark skinned woman paving the way for modeling like Naomi Cambell and Alek Wek, just to name a few. I do think that dark skinned models are like a rare commodity, only because you see so very few of them.

What type model would you consider yourself?
I honestly dont like to put labels on myself or classify myself as one particular type of model. I am very free spirited and an artist as well so I like for my photos and shoots to tell a story. If I had to label myself, I’d like to be considered an artistic type of model with ecentric style.

What has been your biggest modeling accomplishment?
I would have to say one of my biggest accomplishments as a model was having my case heard and aired on national television for court tv show, “Judge Judy” which aired February 12, 2016 on NBC.

What has been the biggest embarrasement for you as a model?
My biggest embarrassement as a model would have to be when I almost fell and twisted my ankel while I was walking down the cat walk during a fashion show.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a photographer?
Glad to say I have not had any bad experiences with any phtographers, but some things they do that grinds my gears sometimes is when they try to position me in an overly sexual position I normally wouldn’t feel comfortable doing or shooting my pictures and only giving me like 2 images of my entire shoot.

What type of shoot won’t you do and why?
I would never do a nude shoot and I say that because I’m always one for leaving people guessing, wondering, and leaving things to the imagination. I think a little implied nude is ok but I’d never shoot completely in my birthday suit.

How far do you see modeling taking you in life?
Honestly, I feel like modeling will only take me but so far. That’s why I decided to branch into different entertainment fields like acting and theater. It’s something different to expand my horizon.

What would you say are 3 no’s when it comes to modeling?
My 3 No’s when it comes to modeling would have to be “No Nude Shoots”, “No Skin Bleaching”, and “No Working With Just Anyone”. After all, there is a difference between a photographer and just a man with a camera.

Is modeling your passion?
Modeling, I would have to say is just one of my passions. It allows me to express myself creativly when I don’t feel like expressing myself through my words.

Have you ever took advantage of a man and if so, What were the results?
I think we all have taken advantage of someone before but to answer your question, yes. I used him for sex because I didnt want the emotional attachment. I ended up being stalked by the guy and had to change my number and job because of it.

How many dates does it take for you to get with a guy?
Honestly, it depends on who the guy is or how he makes me feel. The longest I’ve made a guy wait was 2 years and that was after like 10 dates. But, if I’m attracted to you or show interest in you, you might get a kiss on the first date. It really just depends on who the guy is.

Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal? If so what was it?
Absolutley I have. One of the things I remember being asked was to have a man’s baby because he said he liked how strong my genes looked. I get asked the most craziest things almost everyday.

Finish this sentence. All men are ______.
kings but some just choose not to live up to their potential.

What are three sexual position that drive you crazy?
Damn thats a tough one, lol. If I had to cut it down to 3, I’d have to say 69, Missionary, and Oral.

If you hit the lottery for a million dollars, how would you spend it?
The first thing I would do is pay off my son’s college tuition. Then, I’d buy a 6 bedroom house, adopt a couple of children, and grow a farm.

If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be?
Hmm, I’d Wish for “Eternal Beauty”. I’m so afraid of getting old. I’d also wish for my son to go through life, pain and stress free, and I’d wish for a lifetime of free food and water.

Lastly, If someone wanted to follow or contact you, how can they reach you?
They can follow me on IG @godessofmodelz, on FB @ArnettaBadd, Twitter @ArnettaBadd and they can email me at

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