Join Us

Are you a people person? Do you know where the hot spots are in your city? Are you hardworking? If so, Twenty4Seven Magazine is looking for you!!!! We are always in need of new street team members. Street Team members will recieve magazines, cds, flyers, t-shirts, and anything else needed to spread the word. They will be distributed at barber shops, college campuses, music stores, hand to hand etc.


Street Team Requirements
  • Submit Name, background information, and 2 pictures
  • Provide a list of Distribution Points/Locations in your city/country that you will hit every month. Include its name, address, phone number etc.
  • Provide an address where we can send you materials.
  • Supply each location with promo materials. Magazines, Cds, Flyers etc.
  • Take digital pictures of people holding the magazines in your area.
  • Spread the Word.
  • Paypal account



Payment will be recieved through:

  • Ad/Interview Spot Sales (directly or indirectly). Meaning, either you sale an ad/spot to somebody personally, or somebody from your city purchases an ad/spot from us because they saw the magazine somewhere in your city. This shows us you are promoting and the product is getting out there. This is a commission type payment and the numbers depend on what type of ad/spot is sold. Example: Our Back Cover costs $600, you will make $100 from that.

Disclaimer: If you belong to a bigger city/market and we have more than one rep there, commission is based off of “DIRECT” ad/interview sales so there is no confusion over who deserves payment for a particular sale. People belonging to smaller cities/markets will recieve an “INDIRECT” commission because they will more than likely be the only rep needed for that particular city/market.

For all street team inquries, contact twenty4sevenmagazine@gmail.com (Subject line “Street Team”)


Need an Internship?

Twenty4Seven Magazine is currently looking for interns (High School and College) for the following positions:

Sales Reps
Street Team Reps/Distributors
Internet Promotional Reps

For internship inquries and resume submissions, contact twenty4sevenmagazine@gmail.com (Subject line “Internship”)


Interested in Modeling?

Twenty4Seven Magazine is currently looking for models (Both promotional and professional). We offer opportunities for both types.

Promotional models: Responsible for working club events, functions, etc.
Professional models: Agency based with a major focus on print, advertisements, runway shows, etc.

Promotional models, submit bio, measurements, and 3-5 pictures to twenty4sevenmagazine@gmail.com (Subject line “Modeling”)

Professional models, log on to www.nvymodels.com