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Alix Lapri is an actress and singer most known for her role as Effie Morales in STARZ’s, “Power Book II: Ghost”. The Topeka, Kansas native and I discussed her childhood, relocating to Atlanta, singing, “Power” and more. 

Happy Belated Birthday! How did you celebrate?
Thank you! Unfortunately I was sick on my birthday so I didn’t feel like doing much. My sister surprised me and put together the cutest picnic with all of my favorite things!

Are you into horoscopes? If so, do the personality traits attached to Scorpios reign true to you as an individual?
I’m fascinated with the zodiac. I’m a Scorpio through and through. We’re the best!

Where are you from originally and how did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. We were in tough environments a lot of the time but my mom always did an amazing job of making our childhood perfect.

Kansas isn’t known for having a big entertainment market and obviously moving to Atlanta did you justice. Would you advise others pursuing entertainment to move to a bigger market as well or has social media evened the playing field?
I think everyone’s journey and timing are completely different. I’m a dreamer and have always been comfortable with taking risks so I would of course encourage anyone thinking of doing the same to take that leap! If you’re not able, focus and execute because social media has given you the world in the palm of your hand.

In the early 2010s, we attended an event in Atlanta where both Jacob Latimore and Issa performed. It was the first time we heard of them, they were really young at the time and have done some great things in their careers. You have worked with them both. How did all of that come about and do you still collaborate with either of them today?
We were all signed to the same management team. We loved making music together. They are killing it still til this very day!

Did you always plan to transition over into acting? If not, how did that happen?
The idea was always put into my head but I wasn’t very interested in trying at first. My management at the time took me to an agency to audition and I got in. Once I started booking and being on set something just clicked for me and I became hungry for it.

Of all of the characters that you’ve played, which one has been the most like you in real life?
I’d say Effie. We’re actually pretty different but very similar in lots of ways too. We’re both intelligent, we do what needs to be done and we can be a little feisty.

You played Maloa, the daughter of 50 Cent’s character in 2018’s “Den of Thieves”. How did you land that role and what was the experience like?
I did a self tape audition in Atlanta and got the callback. I didn’t even know how big the cast or film would be when I read for it. I got on set and felt like a sponge just soaking everything in. I was new to acting and I was so committed to learning the ins and outs.

More often that not, we see actors collaborate with each other over various projects. Sometimes, it just happens that way due to agents, timing, etc. and other times, those in power positions may hand pick specific people for roles. In your case, how did your role as Effie Morales in “Power” come about?
I was waiting for an audition to come through from Power for a really long time. My manager kept checking in with them over and over. Finall,y Effie crossed my desk and she was perfect. I did an audition tape and they really loved what I did.

From the outside looking in, it seems everything has been going quite well for you and you’ve landed some very dope opportunities. At the same time, we know things can be rough at times. What type of obstacles have you had to overcome over time?
For me the most difficult thing was the transition of going from working a regular job to becoming a full time actor. My dream was expensive. I was constantly calling off of work to make last minute travels and barely sleeping some nights. But, it was so worth it in the end.

What is the biggest misconception about the entertainment business, from your perspective?
A really big one is the perception versus reality. A lot of people see someone book a really big role and they think they’ve made it when a lot of times that is really just the beginning. It is a constant hustle.

Not too long ago, it was announce that Effie will be returning in as a series regular character in “Power Book II: Ghost”. Were you surprised when you got the news or were you expecting it?
I wasn’t expecting it when it happened but I always had a feeling. The way they handle my character is a slow burn but she is constantly reappearing just when they need her the most. And the fans really love Effie so I think that helped.

In what ways did you prepare for the role and is there anything specific that you had to do that stands out?
I just like to have fun with her! Once I step into the wardrobe and out into the streets of New York, the persona comes to life.

What has been your most memorable moment on set so far?
Ah man, any moment with the boys. Gianni (Paolo) and Michael (Rainey Jr.) make every day so much fun. We have a dope relationship on and off set.

Is there any advice that you have received from 50 Cent or anyone in the cast that you have held onto? If so, what was it?
I remember being on set of the episode that 50 directed during season 6 of Power and he told me to just do whatever I feel. Throw away the lines and get out of my head. His confidence is contagious.

The “Power” franchise is extremely popular. What are some of your favorite TV shows of the last decade?
I loved Queen’s Gambit and Squid Game on Netflix. I really loved Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Dexter too.

Being in the position you are in currently as an actor, do you plan on working on any new music any time soon?
I’ve been missing music so much and I have so much to write about. It’s a possibility!

A lot of entertainers have it hard when it comes to dating. What is your relationship status and how have you managed dating so far?
My partner is my best friend. Everything that’s supposed to be difficult they make so very easy. I’m a lucky girl!

What is your dream role and why?
I can’t wait until I can play something super out of the box. I like characters with quirky personality traits….Maybe a siren or something of the fantasy world.

What is next for Alix Lapri?
More tv and film! I can’t wait to hit your screens again.

Lastly, how can people keep up with you and your endeavors via social media?
You all can find me on Instagram @thealixlapri and on Twitter @AlixLapri where I talk about everything and nothing at all.

Photo by Tim Caver

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