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Words + Interview By: Krystal Luster

Alli Fitz isn’t exactly “MySpace famous” but she surely has other social media platforms buzzing with her comedy, musical talents and magnifying personality. Alli is a songwriter/singer and is currently in the spotlight for her song, “Disease”. This hit is actually quit personal for Alli since it’s message is based of her experience with a toxic relationship. Despite this, Alli remains optimistic and looks forward to 2018 with much enthusiasm! Fans can expect an album in the near future.

Give us some insight on who Alli is.
I would say I’m just a girl trying to achieve my dreams as a singer/songwriter.

Being from the Midwest, what do you identify with most there? 
I identify most with the weather there. You never know if it’s going to rain one day, be sunny the next or randomly snow. The weather is so indecisive, kind of like me at times.

Did you ever expect to become an online sensation?
I remember back when MySpace was around, I swore I was going to be “Myspace famous”! Haha!

Who are some of your favorite YouTube stars?
I really like Jenna Marbles and Karina Garcia. They’re my favorites.

Is it difficult coming up with new material for your subscribers on a regular basis?
It depends. When it comes to comedy videos, it is kind of hard coming up with things you think you’ll subscribers will like. But with music, I feel like it’s easier because everyone can connect with music.

What is your most popular video right now and why do you think that is?
My most popular video is probably the Vine I made in 2014 when I was taking a selfie with my dog and he bit my face.

Would you say that your channel fits in one category? Why or why not?
A year ago I would say no, because I was just doing everything like challenges, covers, Q&A’s, etc. but I’ve changed my channel to strictly music now.

What is the story behind your song, “Disease”?
The inspiration behind “Disease” was a past relationship that I had. It was so toxic (kind of like a disease!) because I could never tell if the guy I was with even cared about our relationship. It was so frustrating and unhealthy for me. I’m glad it’s over.

Was it difficult to write?
No, actually it was pretty therapeutic!

Who are you listening to these days?
Dua Lipa, Lauren Jauregui, Zara Larsson and Moxie Raia!

If ever given the chance, who would you like to work with in the music industry?
Wow! I’d work with Alessia Cara or Dua Lipa in a heartbeat, haha!

What are your thoughts on the #MeToo campaign?
I’m just so glad that more women are finding the courage to speak out about what they’ve been through. It’s so brave.

Say whatever comes to mind when you hear:

A) Demi Lovato – VOCALS!!!!

B) 2017 – Stressful

C) Xenia – Boring (HAHA!)

How do you think Net Neutrality will affect you, and other online stars in the future?

In all honesty, I feel like some of our view counts/subscribers will go down because of Net Neutrality which is sad for those putting out creative content on the internet.

When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
Probably yesterday. I’m always laughing.

What’s your favorite snack food?
I really love Spicy Doritos. They always hit the spot.

What do you look forward to the most in 2018, career-wise?
More live performances and more music!

What is the first thing you notice in someone you’re attracted to?
I notice their smile.

What about the song “Hair” speaks to you, and what inspired you to create your own version?
Well first, I would describe “Hair” as a “getting over your ex” type of song and I LOVE those kinds of songs. I’ve written more than a few of those, haha! I guess it’s because I can relate to it a lot and the lyrics to the song are what inspired me to make my own version. If you really listen to the lyrics, the song actually sounds kind of creepy which is why I made my version of the music video the way I did, with the multiple personalities.

Any last words?
I just wanna say I love my fans and I can’t wait to put out more music for y’all! XO

Socials: @allicatttx

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