Belo Zero of Do or Die – I Plead The 5th

Interview By: Tyrone Davis

Belo Zero. 1/3 of Do or Die. Po Pimp. Legend. 

First off, it’s good to see you back at it. What was the first thing you did when you got home? 
I prayed and then got some Popeye’s Chicken, lol!

What did you do with your time while you were away? Is the music you’ve been putting out recently a product of that at all? 
I got my diploma and worked on music. My album, “I Plead The 5th” is a product of what I was working on in prison.

Tell us a little bit about, “I Plead the 5th”. 
“I Plead The 5th” has that original sound that Do or Die created along with a touch of new school. Songs like, “Cum & Go” ft. Twista  & John Blu and “Rollin” ft. KD are examples of the two.

How did the single, “Cum & Go” come about? 
Me and the producer of the song (Skeet Primeer) remixed Ginuwine’s, “My Love Hasn’t Changed”. I laid my verse, John Blu came up with an amazing hook then Cold Hard (Crucial Conflict) and Twista did their thing. It came out classic.

Going back a bit and to bring the younger generation up to date, tell us how you started with the group, Do or Die. 
Do or Die consist of three members: Myself, AK, and Nard. AK and Nard are brothers and we all grew up on the west side of Chicago, gang banging, hustling, dancing, and rapping. We went platinum for the first time with our song, “Po Pimp” that featured Twista and Johnny P.

You guys had a formula, along with Twista, Johnny P. and Traxter that seemed to work just about every time. What’s it like putting those records together? 
It’s magical. I love it when we come together to create that classic sound.

With that being said, can Do or Die fans expect an album anytime soon? 
Yes, Do or Die is working on a album, “Untitled”. It’ll be out this year.

What is your favorite Do or Die album and why? 
“Picture This” is my favorite because it was the start of that classic sound and my first time experiencing fame on a broad scale.

Being that you’re pushing a solo project at the moment, how does it feel? Is it easier working as a solo artist or within the group? 
When there are multiple people working together there will always be a clash of heads, but as a solo artist there is only one decision maker and that’s me!

Where is Johnny P.?
Johnny is working on his new solo album and is also is recording with Do or Die right now.

What happened with Rap A Lot and The Legion Records situations? 
I am pleased to announce that we are doing a new joint venture with Rap-A-Lot Records and The Legion Records situation has ended but Rudolph Acosta is my brother still.

How do you feel about Chicago’s “new” sound?
Honestly, I like some of it. But, I’m an old school head. I encourage the youngsters to keep doing music but stop the killing and madness in the music.

Do you feel the need to change your style to keep up with the current climate? 
If anybody really listen to Belo Zero, you would know that I’m a man of many styles. It’s always good to be fresh.

Are you involved in anything other than music at the moment (movies, clothing, etc.)? 
I have a label called “Po House Entertainment” and I’m doing major things with my management team
“Wicked Entertainment” in which we are partners in movies, clothing, etc.

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know.
I give to multiple charities, I am a loving father to my kids, and I write films and poetry in my spare time.

How can you be contacted by fans or anyone wanting to do business? 
Belo.zero1@gmail.com, @belodoordie on Twitter, @Beloofdoordie on IG, & Belozeromusic.com.

Any Last Words?
Be sure to download my album, “I Plead The 5th” and request the new single, “Cum & Go” ft. Twista & John Blu on the big station and power stations in your city. Thanks to all my fans and look for my new music in 2014. Also, thank you Twenty4Seven for having me.

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