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Interview by: Lucky Smith

Chi-Town……Stand up!

Although you’re far from a rookie, introduce yourself to our readers? 
They call me Co-Still, from the south side of Chicago. I’m a father, rap artist, entrepreneur, and businessman. You can say I’m an all around hustler.

How did you get the name, “Co-Still”?
Everybody in the area where I’m from shared the same tag names, “Stone” or “Still”. I was known as Co-Stone but if you know anything about Chicago, depending were you are those hood tag names could be seen as offensive or disrespectful so in a effort to keep the bullsh*t to a minimum I just went with Co-Still, but they mean the same thing.

Chicago has always been known as a rough place and The southside is the roughest. What  motivates you to stay out of trouble?
Family and business motivates me. I always try to be one step ahead of drama. I know what I’m capable of when I blow my top so I like to position myself in winning situations.

You’ve had independent projects out before. Did they meet your expectations?
Yes, they met my expectations. Fortunately for me, I knew a few people that were already in the game which led to the first song I ever recorded getting  a placement on a popular compilation series called, “Wicked Streets of Chi”. The streets took to it immediately. So, that prompted me to record my first E.P. and it became a hood classic. With that said, it produced new expectations. I’m always raising the bar for myself.

When would you say this music business really started working for you?
One day I was in Indiana and some dudes said they like this rapper from Chicago named, “Coastal”. I’m thinking, “I neva heard of that n*gga”. Then, one of the dudes started to spit the lyrics to one of my songs, I’m like, “That’s the “Coastal” dude ya’ll talking about? That’s me, and you pronouce my name CO-STILL”! We all laughed but that was a signal to me that there might be something to this rap sh*t.

We understand you used to do a major showcase. Tell us about that. Are you still doing them? 
I did a showcase called, “Chicago Elite”. That was my way of showing love to other artist while I build my own brand. A lot of the artists in that showcase have gone on to be pretty successful themselves. That’s makes me know it was all worth it. L.E.P, Hot 2Def, Bo Deal, and Cap -1….just to name a few. Now, I’m more focused on my brand, music, and entrepreneurship.

We understand you and Bo Deal of Waka Flocka’s “Brick Squad Monopoly” have been putting in work. How did that come about? 
Long story short, Bo deal was known for rocking a showcase called, “Freestyle Fridays”. At the time, a rapper named, “Hot2Def” kept winning. I bumped into Bo at a computer store and asked him to come to Freestyle Friday’s and unseat Hot. He declined that offer but accepted the offer to rock at my showcase. It was packed wall to wall that night and due to a misunderstanding, my people from 89music got into it with his Killa Klan guys. Sh*t was a big mess. The next day I reached out to him to rectify the situation and came to find out Bo was a stand up n*gga. Shortly after we started working together and things went from there. As of today, he remains one of the coolest rappers I’ve met in this game.

Who else from Chicago are you working with?
Leo Gettz, Young Chop, and of course my 89music team.

Tell us about your single.
“I Don’t Chase Money” is the single. It’s doing well, getting love from the streets, Dj’s, clubs, and recently has been added to Clear Channel stations and the Power station. The video is coming soon!

So what is the name of the project and what was your focus around it?
Actually, there are two projects running at the same damn time. The “I Don’t Chase Money” album and “No Comparison (Co-Still vs. Young Jeezy & Gorilla Zoe)”. Both were released right before Christmas 2013. The “I Don’t Chase Money” album shows my versatilty as a writer and performer while on “No Comparison” I show you what I’m made of. Because of my raspy flow (I guess) I have always been compared to Jeezy and Zoe. So, I set out to set myself apart and show I’m just as good, if not better than those dudes.

Anything in the works other than music?
I’m begging to dabble into real estate. I also wear the C.E.O hat of 89music and the creator of “The WildLyfe Clothing”. I’m keeping busy.

How has the Blog been working for you?
Oh yea, (much like my showcases) was originally designed to show love to Chicago artist that didn’t get love from the more popular blogs but it’s being revamped right now to all things Co-Still and 89music related, including all of my venture, whether music or fashion. It will also serve as my online store.

How has the clothing line been doing?
My first design, “I Hate Rats” has become pretty popular in Chicago, I am expanding, gearing up for a national campaign for the “Living the WildLyfe” designs. It’s a work in progress.

Is their anything we haven’t covered that you would like people to know?
Yep, any one who knows me knows in the streets I don’t lack respect, but they may not know the most gangsta things I’ve ever done, like giving back to the community, feeding the needy. I volunteer my time to coach youth wrestling and I also help provide transportation for kids back and forth to school. I never stole any thing from anyone. I’m very loyal and I love my family.

Contact info?
For bookings/features, they can hit my team at For more info and to purchase my music directly, they can hit or Twitter and IG is @CoStill8Nine. I’m active on Facebook /CoStill89. Get in Touch!

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