Indianapolis Woman Dead After Shooting and Crash, Exposed Man For Being Gay A Day Prior

INDIANAPOLIS – A woman has died Tuesday, February 18th after a shooting and crash near the northwest side of Indianapolis near the intersection of Lafayette Road and West 30th Street. This all happened around 9:30 am. According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, she was transferred to the hospital in critical condition and was later pronounced dead. A total of three vehicles were involved in the crash.

According to “the streets”, the victim’s name is Jane Waughfield and she is the owner of “Tons-Of-Tires”, a new and used tire shop located on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. Apparently, she released a live video on Facebook the day before exposing a man for being gay after she apparently caught him and another man in the act. She said she was chased out of the house and said, “You better give me some money or I’m telling everybody.” mentioning “5 bands” later in the video.

Details are still under development and currently, residents of Indianapolis are debating whether or not this incident is justified and there are a lot of people on both sides of the issue. Overall, the incident is very unfortunate and more than likely could have been avoided. Social media can be amazing at times but it can also bring out the worst in people. Condolences to the young lady and her family.

Source: WTHR-TV

Photo of the victim’s vehicle via her Facebook page



*Note: Her original live has been pulled down so here is the video uploaded to Youtube via BlackIndyLive 317.

Live video posted from the victim’s Facebook Page



Display photo of crime scene courtesy of Jesse Wells

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