Kaine Carter (Hotdamirock) Says “Goodbye” To His Bestfriend Who Passed Away and Fights to Continue On

Kaine Carter, aka Hotdamirock is known for his comedy videos on youtube and had been really popular for some years. A few years ago, he seemed to disappear and nobody knew why. After a year, he popped back up with a video, giving an explanation for his disappearance. The video was called, “365 Days Later”. If you haven’t seen it, you can view it here.

Fast forward to the present. Kaine is back with a new video, this time saying “Goodbye” to his bestfriend, who he mentioned in his previous video. Life is hard and as a fan, I hate to see him like this. At the same time, he has to handle things the best way he sees fit. Hopefully, he is able to heal at some point, not so he can release more videos, but for his own sanity. Good luck, brother.

– Tyrone Davis (Editor)

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