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Q&A By Lucky Smith

In your own words can you tell our readers who you are?
My name is Kelah Mckee but my personality name is The Polished Lady. I am a YouTube media specialist, a brand ambassador, social media consultant, host and mother to The Polished Prince.

What was your life like growing up?
I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana so growing up in the city with older parents was hard. I was never around kids my age like that. I was always around my dad’s card playing pals. I grew up quick but as my grandma would say, I have been here before. Thankful my mom kept me busy in so many different things like CLD, Delta Gems, etc.

When did you decide on what career path to take?
When I was young and in school, I was very shy and timid but when I was at one of the many youth groups that my mom kept me in, I was a superstar. When I got older, I recognized the power of having a voice and it being able to change someone’s life. I decided that media was for me when I found my voice and purpose.

What would you say is your major focus?
My major focus is spreading positivity and bringing awareness to dope things and people.

How did you get your nickname?
I got the name from my first Business Polished Bricks because I was giving so many speeches. I was considered the first lady of my business.

What would you say makes you so polished?
I keep trying to make a way. I always say, “Stay Polished”. To me that means keep establishing yourself.

What all do you actually do? Which is your favorite?
I do interviews via my YouTube channel. I also do commercial drops, event recaps, provide social media consulting, hosting and I am a brand ambassador. My favorite is doing interviews because you are sharing what molds you and makes you go further.

Public speaking is hard for some people. How did you know you would be good at it?
I never truly knew I would be public speaking, especially after many years in speech therapy and having a tongue-tied condition called Ankyloglossia. It just came to me naturally once it was in my mind and heart that I wanted to change the world with my voice, that was all the fuel I needed.

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far and why?
My biggest accomplishment so far has to be receiving a letter of recognition from the mayor at the Indianapolis Professional Association brunch. I do a lot of community service such as clean ups, book drives, pen pal programs and more. A lot of my events don’t have high participation but I still do it to better my community.

What have you learned from working at radio?
I’ve learned a lot from having non disclosure agreements and contracts on file at all times to knowing one’s target audience.

What is the ideal situation you see yourself in and on what level of life?
This is a hard question but I guess the simplest answer I can give is being full time with my craft and producing more YouTube content. Everyday I am using my marketing tactics to push my brand further and into different markets.

So, what do you have going on these days?
I currently am working seasonally with the Election Board, opening my eyes to what all goes on behind the scenes of an election.  I just finished hosting Fall Fest at the Indianapolis Public Library and I serve on the African American History committee advisory board. I am also part of The Lab which in a multimedia center where I’m a personality and host on the team.

What has being a mother done to you, career wise?
It has shown me how strong and truly strategic I am. My son, Waalid Kiran has shown me how to love myself enough for the both of us. He is a part of my brand and I can share about motherhood with fellow mommies. I love sharing my journey as a entrepreneur with my followers and inspiring them to continue following their dreams.

Any advice for those with big dreams and goals?
Keep establishing yourself and let no dollar nor person stop you from believing in your dream. I realized mentally I am stronger when I pursue my goals by first writing them down then planning out my “to do” list to accomplish my goals. Organization is teaching discipline and consistency.

Lastly, how can people find you on social media?
All of my social media handles are @ThePolishedLady.

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