Making Lemonade

You ever want what you NEED so bad you just act on impulse, and it isn’t until the opportunity to step back and analyze your situation passes, that you realize you’ve been had?! Well I’m feeling pretty salty after buying what I hoped would be a decent 2nd vehicle. What can I say, the price was right (within budget) and after having searched high and low, being told “sorry, its already sold” for days on end, or receiving no response at all, I was damn near ready to throw money at the next thing cruising. I constantly tell myself to trust my instincts, but as usual, I ignored the red flags. Maybe if the car was cheaper I wouldn’t feel as bad. Like “Yeah, this car is probably going to turn into a piece of shit down the line, but it was only 600 bucks. What did I expect?” Unfortunately the amount paid versus what the car was actually worth, was an 800 dollar difference. Money that could have been put towards some other expense. Its gut-wrenching to think about because I know I could have avoided this whole thing had I just analyzed the situation deeper. That’s life I guess, always handing out lemons to people.

At least there is a brighter side to this. Turns out the car’s issues aren’t as serious as I anticipated. What I thought would end up costing me thousands of dollars to fix, will only be a few hundred; that includes parts and labor. Thankfully my dad is friends with a mechanic who is being more than reasonable. I honestly wouldn’t worry about getting the damn thing fixed if there wasn’t a need for additional transportation. I had a good mind to make an attempt to “hunt” this individual down, but when I thought about the odds of finding him, and the odds he would even refund the money, I knew the chances of things working out in my favor were slim to none. There’s always Karma though, right? Hell, maybe this is my bad Karma for something I did! Funny how that works huh? At any rate, at least I did get a 2nd vehicle, so for the most part my needs were met so I still have SOMETHING to be thankful for. I always tell myself and others to find the positive in every thing, so I shouldn’t treat this situation any differently. I just wish there were more honest people in the world and that I had more sense to use my common sense.

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