Memphis Legend, Playa Fly Receives UPS Package Delivery From Fan

It’s #flyday: Known for records like, “Nobody Needs Nobody”, “Gettin’ It On”, Funk-N-Bock”, “Horses” and more, Memphis legend, Playa Fly posted a video on Instagram of himself receiving a UPS package from an employee who turned out to be a fan of his. As the employee was approaching Fly’s residence, he noticed him and asked, “Fly, is that you?” before stating, “This is a dream come true!”. Fly jokingly (but most likely serious, lol) told the driver “Don’t tell nobody where I’m at.” and later took a flick with him. That is a dope moment, especially for those of us who are big fans of the “Universal Hearthrob”. Check out the Instagram video below.


Also, check out some of our favorite records by Playa Fly.


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