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From horror to animation to comedy, Sam Lerner has lent his talents to some extraordinary projects! With guidance and support from father and actor Ken Lerner, Sam stepped into the limelight with confidence and devotion.  With a busy and ever-progressing career, when Sam is able to relax, he enjoys playing NBA 2K or lacing up his sneakers and taking his skills to the court. Find out more about Sam Lerner and what he has in store for 2018!

Was acting a childhood dream of yours?
I definitely have always wanted to act. I started when I was nine because I was kind of a class clown and loved the attention…are all kids that narcissistic? My dad’s an actor and so is his brother so I’ve always been around the business.

Did you feel there was more pressure on you to succeed because your father (Ken Lerner) acts as well?
My dad has been so supportive of me throughout my career. So has my mom. I have the best parents in the world. They always put having a normal childhood first so I used to skip auditions as a kid to go skateboarding with my friends.

What bit of advice did your dad give you starting out that you still use?
He’s always just told me that I have to have thick skin in this business. There is a lot of rejection.

On ABC’s hit show “The Goldbergs”, what can fans of the show look forward to in this season’s finale?
Fans can look forward to a really fun season finale of The Goldbergs this year. Things are good with Geoff and Erica. Gerica fans will be happy!

How has your character Geoff Schwartz developed throughout the show?
My character Geoff Schwartz came on in season 2 and my role kind of got bigger as the show moved forward. It’s been awesome seeing how the writers develop my character. He started as just a JTP member but slowly but surely became Erica’s boyfriend.

What interested you most when you first heard about Project Almanac?
I was so excited about Project Almanac. I’m pretty sure I never wanted a role as badly as that one. It was so cool! I got to improvise a lot and really show what I could do. It was in a studio movie too. It was awesome!

Do you believe time travel is at all possible?
I’m really not sure if I believe time travel is possible. I think we will find out in the next 50 years if it is possible or not.

If you could travel back in time, how far back would you go?
I would probably time travel to the 80’s. Seems fun.

Tell us about your experience onset of ABC’s “Suburgatory” and your role as Evan.
Suburgatory was super fun and I still stay in touch with some of the cast. Everyone has gone on to do some pretty cool stuff. That was my first time recurring on a show and it was fun to play around on a network comedy with a talented cast and great writers.

In the animated film “Monster House”, you voiced the character Chowder. Was he a fun character to bring to life?
Monster House was so fun. It was motion capture and I was such a young kid. I was best friends with Mitchel Musso at the time so we had a blast. The cast was amazing and the director Gil Kenan was the coolest.

What are some upcoming projects you’re looking forward to in 2018?
I’m really looking forward to the (horror/thriller) film Truth or Dare, which is being released April 13th! I have a super fun role in it and it’s Blumhouse/Universal so it’s getting a wide release and everything.

What can you tell us about “Truth or Dare”?
Truth or Dare is going to be really fun. It is a very dark take on that fun game we all used to play as kids. My role is very different than the ones I usually play so I’m very excited.

How does your role as Ronnie differ from other characters you’ve portrayed on screen?
Ronnie was a lot more confident than characters I usually play. It was super fun to try something new and explore a cocky character like that.

Did you ever get spooked out during filming?
We did film at some pretty creepy places. I had never done a horror movie before so it was a completely new experience. We filmed at this creepy warehouse downtown that literally seemed like it had been abandoned for ten years.

Are you interested in working behind the camera at all?
I have definitely thought about branching out into other areas in film/TV. I think at some point I will try to write and direct but for now I’m just focusing on acting and trying to succeed at that.

Cool. I’m going to throw some random questions out there. How do you give back to others?
I donate to various charities throughout the year and I try to stay involved with the ones I am passionate about.

What TV shows are you currently binge watching?
I am on my fourth pass through The Office. Also, I’m really loving Ugly Delicious on Netflix. I love food.

Snowball fights or watergun fights?
Snowball fights!

Lastly, if there was a biography about your life, who would you want cast as you?
I would like to have someone awesome like Adam Scott play me but he’s older than me so I’m not sure how that would work.

Follow Sam Lerner on Twitter @sammylerner and on Instagram @samlerner.

Photo By: Jason Landis | Grooming By: Matilde Campos

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