Shwayze, aka “The King of Summer” is BACK with Remake of “Corona and Lime” feat. Cisco Adler (Audio)

Shwayze aka “The King of Summer” is back with a remake of his 2008 hit single, “Corona and Lime” featuring Cisco Adler. The original version of the record peaked at #6 on the Billboard Charts. The remake also features reggae artist, Hirie and is available on all digital platforms NOW!

Shwayze rose to fame in 2008 with this single “Buzzin'” which generated several million views and landed him an MTV series which documented both his and Cisco’s rise to fame in Malibu. Shwayze has worked with several producers and has released several indie projects on his own label, “Feel Good Entertainment”. He will begin touring from August through November of this year and his tour schedule can be found HERE.

Check out “Corona and Lime” by Shwayze featuring Cisco Adler and Hirie below.


Also, check out “Malibu” featuring Molly Moore.

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