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Words + Interview By: Krystal Luster

Sky Katz plays the role of “Tess” in the “That’s So Raven” spin-off, “Raven’s Home”. She and her cast-mates wrapped up filming for the show’s 2nd season awhile back, which premiered June 25th of this year. In addition to contributing her talents to television screens, Sky is musically inclined and recently debuted the music video for “Fall Back” which currently has over 290,000 views on YouTube! Did I mention she directed the video herself?! Amazing! Be sure to follow her on social media for updates!

How did you get into acting?
So many artists that I admire are both musicians and actors and that made me think that I wanted to give it a try.  I started taking acting lessons, went out on a few auditions and booked Raven’s Home!

What stuck out to you the most about your character on the “That’s So Raven” spin-off, “Raven’s Home”?
I love that “Tess” is such a loyal and loving friend. Those are qualities I admire in both real life and fictional characters as well!

In what ways are you similar to “Tess”?
Tess and I both love basketball, are close with our families, love our friends, and are adventurous.

What is your favorite episode on “Raven’s Home” and why?
My favorite one actually hasn’t aired yet but it’s a musical episode in season 2 which allowed me to do my 3 favorite things: rap, act and play basketball.  I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

How would you rate your experience on the show overall?
My experience on Raven’s Home has been off the charts! I’ve learned so much and formed close bonds with my cast-mates. I feel so lucky to be here.

What else are you working on in the television industry?
Right now my focus is filming season 2 of Raven’s Home and being the best “Tess” that I can be.

Did you teach yourself how to rap or was it something that happened naturally?
My family is always playing Hip Hop (both old and new) so it’s definitely something that happened naturally. We’ve had dance parties and rocked out in the car to Hip Hop for as long as I can remember!

Who would you say has influenced your rap style?
Nicki Minaj is my idol. She influenced me to be strong and put out music that I love.

Who are your “Top 5” favorite rappers? 
Nicki Minaj, Biggie Smalls, J. Cole, Lil Uzi Vert and Oddisee.

Are you currently working on an album?
When I go home to NY, I’m always in the studio recording music. I hope to put those songs all together on an album very soon.

Who encouraged you to audition for season 11 of “America’s Got Talent”? Were you ever nervous?
I sent my own audition tape into AGT. My family didn’t even know I sent it in until my dad got a phone call from a producer to talk about it! I wasn’t nervous at all actually, just excited to do what I love.

If you had to choose between rapping and acting, which would you pursue full-time? Why?
I could never choose. They’re two things that make me so happy and allow me to express myself.

Tell us about Sunrise Association Day Camp and your role with the organization.
This year I became an Ambassador for Sunrise when I learned days of summer fun are provided for kids with cancer and their siblings, completely free! I went to day camp and sleepaway camps for years. My time at camp was so much fun and special to me. What I loved most was that it was a break from school and I made a new set of friends for the summer. Children whose lives have been affected by cancer need that escape more than ever and I’m thrilled to help an organization that can offer that. We just had our annual SunriseWALKS where I helped raise money and awareness to this amazing cause!

How do you spend your free time?
I love to play basketball, listen to music, go out to dinner, hang with my family, friends, and 3 dogs.

What do you have in store for the remainder of 2018?
We’re going to finish filming season 2 of Raven’s Home, I’m going to continue to work in the studio on some great new music, film some exciting videos and continue to enjoy time with family and friends.

Any last words?
I just want to say thank you to everyone who watches the show, enjoys my music and continues to support what I love to do!

Follow Sky Katz on Twitter and Instagram: @skykatz and on Snapchat and Facebook: @skykatzraps.

Photo By: Lesley Bryce

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