Twenty4Seven Beauty: Strawberry SiSi

Where are you from?
I’m from Indianapolis, but I live in Los Angeles…

Explain your background.  What was your childhood like?
It was tough, but it made me who I am today.

How did you come up with the name “StrawberrySiSi”?
I have a fetish for strawberries and my nickname is SiSi, so I put the two together & it fits me well. Plus, I’m a redbone & the color red compliments me well.

When did you decide to start modeling?
October 2010…I had been in Cali for 3 months & I needed something to get into. I’m a pretty lady, I’d like to think & my body won’t look this good forever! Besides all that, I love taking pictures so I jumped into the game & went so hard my 1styear.

What type of modeling are you into?
I’m into the urban lingerie modeling as of right now.


Describe Indianapolis’ entertainment scene.
It doesn’t have anything on Cali, but at least the city offers something to do. Indy has a few clubs/events that are consistent.

How was it transitioning to L.A. from Indy? Is it what you expected?
Everything I expected and more. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child, so to finally be here surviving on my own is a major blessing. I’m not quite where I want to be here, but I’m positive I’ll get there if I keep working hard.

The entertainment industry can be shady at times and people are taken advantage of often, especially women. What types of obstacles have you had to overcome to continue to advance?
Well you know there is always a scam artist telling you what they can do for you & can’t do shit! There are always the guys who try to get you to do what they want which is take off all your clothes. People will try you without a doubt, so you just have to stick to what you know & make decisions for yourself!

Who are your favorite music artists?
I like to give everybody a chance, there are so many talented artists in this world it’s hard to choose one or two.

When shooting, do you look for your photographer to direct you or are you someone who is able to take the lead?
It depends on the situation. Some photographers know specifically what they are looking for so I don’t mind them directing me.  Other times I will just do my own thing.

Is StrawberrySiSi single or taken?
I’m single, these guys say they want someone real & down but when they get it they don’t know what to do, so until that one runs across me that can handle a real woman,  In my Weezy F Baby voice…Yeahhhh, I’m single!

What type of men grab (and keep) your attention?
A man that is serious about the Lord, his family, & his business are my types of guys. Men that aren’t afraid to show and tell you how they really feel are keepers.

Male entertainers have a lot of female groupies. From a female’s perspective, what is it like for you considering most men are probably all over you regardless? How do you handle it?
If I’m interested, I might holla! Lol, but most of the time I tell them if it isn’t about business I’m not interested. Support my work, and I’ll chat/flirt when I can, but I’m mainly interested in WORKING!

You recently released a calendar. What can your fans expect?
A year of sexiness…StrawberrySiSi style!!! They know how I get down, so they know it’s nothing but great entertainment all year long.

What is the hardest aspect of doing what you do?
There are a million girls trying to do the same thing, so you have to stand out! You get a lot of negative judgment & some people don’t view you as a role model, they feel as if this is degrading to women.  You also have to pay close attention to all the scam artists. Even these “photographers” out here will try you!


What is your ultimate goal in reference to your career?
I’d like for all my hard work to be well known and recognized by many as one of the hottest models to ever do it.  Modeling is ultimately anetworking experience & you never know what types of deals will be thrown your way.  My ultimate goal is to get into producing for film and TV.

What’s next for StrawberrySiSi?
I’m always doing photo shoots to promote my brand and myself. You have to stay relevant in this industry, so this year I want to travel more & meet new photographers that can publish me in different areas.

How can you be reached if anyone wants to contact you for business?
Strawberrysisi.com or my email s.sensation12@gmail.com

Any last words?
Thank you for all the love & support. It’s always needed & I truly appreciate it! Be sure to check out my website & social sites for Exclusive StrawberrySiSi news and entertainment!!!


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