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T’Juan ‘The Mystery Kid’ is an upcoming recording artist who is bold in his faith, his art and takes pride in those closest to him. T’Juan is father and mentor to 7 year old TJ Sauce Kid, who is a recording artist as well.

Tell us about home-life in Jacksonville, FL.
Growing up in Duval was life preparing. It will always be home for me. I grew up as the eldest of 4 brothers, raised by a single-parent mom. GOD bless her soul (RIP SYK). I feel like Duval prepared me for the world. If you can live there and become somebody, I think that you can take that same grind anywhere in the world and at least survive.

How long have you been with No Compromise Records? 
I’ve been with No Compromise Records now for 9 years. We’ve been through a lot together. I started interning for the label and the rest was history. I connected with one of their producers at the time who also happened to be my youth pastor. We were playing around on his keyboard one day and created a song called, “Crank dat Church Boy”. I then became a priority for the label. A few months later, I signed. I never saw it coming because at the time I was a transitioning from the streets and doing underground street records. Lol, GOD has a sense of humor, man. Today, I find myself as the VP of A&R with some ownership in the company. Huge blessing.

How did the group ‘The eXgang’ come together? 
Both the label and I had a desire to incorporate more talent to the brand so it only made sense to form a group. I shared my heart with the team and we started working together. We built a studio and signed Phats Traxx; a producer, and eventually TJ, Pluto. The rest of the youngins would come hang out from time to time. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it, everyone had records and a following. I took a step back and realized that every talent around us was a bi-product of me. They watched me for years and all of them were family. Everyone’s music was on the same wave/vibe and we all shared the same synergy. We all wanted to make a difference. We all wanted to be better “eXamples”. So there it was, the eXample gang! eXgang! WE are the eXample!

When did you realize that your son TJ had musical talents? 
He’s been around music all of his life. I recall late night studio sessions holding him in my arms while I recorded. Lol, he’s always been my biggest fan. I was actually out of town when I received an email from Pluto (producer) that contained a recording of my son rapping a hook that he wrote. I had TJ on a few tracks doing intros and talking, etc. but it wasn’t until I received that email that I knew the kid was seriously inclined with music. He even nailed his first video shoot with little to no guidance. I knew TJ was a star and I never doubted his ability to be successful, no matter what he decided to do. He works hard at everything and he does it with his entire heart. Shout out to the Kid!

Were you ever hesitant to introduce him to the music industry? Why or why not?
No, I was never hesitant. I knew that I’d be there every step of the way to guide and protect him from the “beast” of the industry. I knew that if I’d introduce him to anything that it would be the music BUSINESS and not the industry. This is just fun for him and I’d never like for him to be robbed of that fun. Whether things last another week, month or year, I will regret nothing because it’s about me supporting him throughout his journey of discovering himself. The industry will never be able to control anyone who knows the business of it. I make it a point to talk royalties, streams, etc. with him because it will prepare him for life ahead. No matter the field, he’ll know what it means to do what you love, love what you do, control it and never to let it control you.

Would you say his style is similar to your own, or has/is he developing into his own style?
He started off looking/acting just like dad, but just a cooler version of me though. He’s definitely coming into his own. The kid is special. Between me and Michael Jackson, he’s bit enough from us both to be on his way to becoming a great. I often forget he’s 7 because he’s so sauced up, lol.

Is it difficult being a single father? 
Not at all. I love my kids. Raising my son has been the highlight of my entire life. It has it’s challenges, yet it’s truly an honor and a blessing beyond measure. Being held accountable and responsible for shaping and molding another life is a gift from GOD. Being a single father is the greatest position I can ever be in.

What do you enjoy most about making music? How has it changed your life? 
I enjoy the entire process. Especially the opportunity to connect and vibe with other creators. It’s the sweetest joy next to raising my kids. I’m a creator, so any time I get a chance to exercise my creativity is a blessing. I believe that I was created to create. Music listens to me. I listen to music.

What are you currently working on album-wise?
Currently, I’m working on a project of mine titled, “The New Kanye”. I’m taking my time with this project so expect every genre to be on it. I’m also song writing for a lot of artists. I’ve recently launched the ‘The Hit Shop’ through Tha Ink Club which is a music artist boutique. Be sure to check it out at www.thainkclub.com!

What is something that you learned from last year that you’re incorporating into 2018 goals? 
I learned that I am worthy. I’m worthy of the respect, the integrity, the appreciation and the check I’m due. I realize that I am a very gifted and valuable young man who has much to offer the world. Nothing in this world is FREE, including me, thanks to 2018. 

Do you remember the feeling you had when you found out you made Billboard’s Top 30? 
Boy do I!!! I’ll never forget it. I felt like I was finally getting results. All I remember doing is giving GOD all praise! It proved to me that it could be done, no matter what anyone said. Millions of records are produced every year and mine just so happened to be one of the top selected. Absolutely humbling. I’m shooting for a top 10 now! So, please go stream my latest project, “SummerFall Est. 1689”. I promise, you’ll love it!

What would you say is the overall message in your music? 
Love GOD. Love people. Love life. Love yourself and be the BEST you that you can ever be! Mind, body, spirit and soul.

Who would be featured on your dream project? 
WOW! Good question! I’d love to work with Bruno Mars, Toni Braxton, Pink, Keirra Sheard, Chris Brown, Dark Child, MJ, Patti Labelle….Lord the list just goes on and on, Lol. Heck, everybody that wants to work! #PositiveVibesOnlyTho, my only rule.

How can people find you on social media?
Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @tjuan and on Instagram @tjuanpix.

Any last words? 
If you’ve ever supported me or the eXgang in anyway, allow me to take this time to say thank you. Expect for me to continue to keep growing as a father, son, artist, visionary, creator and young businessman. Thank you for your platform! I am truly honored and I appreciate it. Shout out to my publicist, Mrs. Tia Culver for connecting us. Much respect.

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