Twenty4Seven Beauty: Strawberry SiSi (Part II)

Interview by Lucky Smith

Doesn’t seem like so much time has passed since our first interview but it’s been almost 2 years now. How have you been?
I’ve been up and I’ve been down but at the end of the day I am extremely blessed! I’ve just been doing what I do best and that’s me!!!!!!!!!

Has modeling been paying off for you?
My brand is definitely expanding in the streets and on social media. I’m still getting featured online and in print magazines as well. I’ve also hosted several parties in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, & I even one in St. Louis for the DJ’s United Conference.

Did you ever think modeling would be what got you this far?
Not really, lol. It was never in my plans. It just sort of came about and I stuck with it. With a little bit of faith, hard work, and consistency you can go as far as you choose to.

We understand you also started an online store. Tell us about that?
Yes, my online boutique “Lush Legs and Haut Heels” has been up and running for over a year now. I sell some of the hautest hi heels for ladies. They are more geared towards models, exotic entertainers, and women who love to stand out. Same for the lush leggings. They are for the ladies who love to accentuate their curves. My prices are very reasonable and my merchandise is exclusive, so ladies who love to turn heads should check out the site sisi.lushlegsandhautheels.com and follow @lushlegsandhautheels on instagram.

Are the clothes on your site for any size female?
I handpick the items myself and the largest size I’ve found for my boutique is XL. As far as the heels they range from sizes 5-10. If I run across bigger sizes for the ladies I would definitely love to sell them as well.


What else do you have going on?
I’ve been taking the time to put together a 2016 calendar, 2016 posters, trying to get my boutique up off the ground, taking care of my family, trying to set my brother free from prison while also staying active/relevant on social media. Some things I can’t speak of right now. You just have to keep up with me and see.

We have been seeing a lot of your photos and one in particular that caught some flack from comedian, Lil Duval was the Michael Brown “Don’t Shoot” pic. What was your thought process when you did it and how did you feel when Lil Duval made his statements.
I was amazed at how much flack that picture caught, period. Never in a million years did I think I would get that type of response from my work! The picture was provocative as are a lot of my photos. Hello! I am a vixen & sex sells everything!!! But honestly, it had a really good message behind it which most failed to see. I felt misunderstood but hey, it wasn’t the first nor last time I’ll feel that way. At the end of the day a lot of people saw/reposted the picture, so I think they got the overall message. You can’t please everybody and I understand that no matter what I do or say, everyone will not always agree. That’s what makes us unique individuals.

A lot of people have been coming down on these social media models saying they watered down the business. How do you feel about that?
I think everything gets watered down at some point when things become accessible for everybody. Take cell phones for example. You used to think you had the latest/greatest phone, but then competitors came along and offered their brand and not only that you can now lease phones if you cant afford to just flat out buy it. Its very annoying and I hate it, but its not stopping anything. It pushes you to challenge yourself in other ways, so I’ve been more focused on my businesses vs. being seen on social media.

How do you feel about these ladies getting all these adjustments and shots just to get noticed? And have you had any adjustments or is it all you?
To each her own, but I’m perfectly fine with the way my God created me. Make up is as far as I go to look different. Thank God I’m naturally blessed in every department, but I’m cool with people doing whatever it takes to build their confidence. If I wasn’t as blessed as I am to have an evenly proportionate body I still don’t think I would go as far as having work done. Team “natural beauty”!


What are some of your pet peeves when someone tries to hit on you?
When I act like I don’t like you, its usually true. Don’t keep pursuing me; it’s annoying, especially if you haven’t done anything special to impress me. Talk is cheap to me. You gotta show me something. If all you have to talk about is sex, I’m instantly turned off. Stimulate my mind. It takes a lot to hold my interest.

A lot of men and women are probably wondering, what is your sexual preference?
Lol, I’m strictly dickly. Don’t let my flirtation confuse you. It’s all fun. I think I could try a threesome, but she would have to be Nicki Minaj bad.

What would be a perfect sexual experience for you?
Well, the guy would have to be damn near perfect to pull that off. Lol, naw just bring me a nice fit body, lots of stamina, with a handsome face and nice size lips (not too big) to get the job done and we can have some fun. He has to know how to lick it & stick it right. I like it deep and long, not to mention I’m very spontaneous!

Have you ever been propositioned for sex and if so what was the highest amount offered?
Naw, that’s some hoe shit. I don’t play that.

If a guy didn’t please you sexually would you tell him or just not call him again?
Lol, I’m pretty straight forward about everything, which kind of makes me seem like an asshole, but I’m not with the sugar coating and beating around the bush, so it is what it is. People need to know the truth.

Can you give everyone a way to contact or follow you?
Hit my email for business inquiries. S.sensation12@gmail.com  and follow me on IG: @realstrawberrysisi.

*Photos Credit: www.jaygoldz.com

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