Twenty4Seven Magazine Exclusive: Zjál Releases Debut Single “Home” Along with Music Video

Australian-born, London based artist Zjál releases her debut single Home along with a music video.

“Home” is a love song inspired by the yearning to be in the arms of the one you love after being apart. It came about at a time when I was at a very vulnerable point in my life. This release means everything to me because it’s confirmation that I’m on the right path. This journey has taught me to be brave, have faith and continue to create fearlessly. Thank you Twenty4Seven for the love.” – Zjál

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Home Music Video Credits:

Director: Ryan Postas @RyanPostas
Producer/Concept: Corey Notes @CoreyNotes
Hair/Makeup: Erin Blinn @ErinBMUA

About Zjál

Zjál grew up on a secluded farm in Adelaide, Australia. Her heritage is Lebanese, yet her family held a progressive outlook. Zjál naturally gravitated to the arts growing up. “Creating is my drug, words are my remedy.” Needing a way to express herself and escape, music became the form of connection which breaks all barriers for Zjál.

Besides releasing her brand new single, Zjál is also working on her debut EP that will drop in 2019. The EP, also named Home, has a beautifully interwoven mix of sensual, strong, and fun elements. The first single off the EP, “Home” definitely show’s Zjál’s sensitive and vulnerable side. “Home is a love song, about longing to be back in my lover’s arms after having to travel and be apart to follow my dreams, when the world gets too loud all I long for is being with the man I love. Nothing means anything without love.” The song also represents Zjál’s inner sanctuary and meditative state, the place she can retreat and feel safe.

“This EP has been a rebirth for me,” Zjál shares. “Through the process of creating it, I’ve awoken to trust and faith—it feels like a rebirth. This music has helped me take walls down in order to make truthful music. Only when you’re vulnerable can you connect with people, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.” Zjál hopes for Home to be the first step of her music creating a career of longevity and connection with others.

Above all, Zjál’s main goal as an artist is to reach a position in her career where her presence “can elevate vibrations and contribute to a higher state of consciousness.” She aims to live her truth and be a positive influence in the world. Staying true to her own beliefs, Zjál’s message to her fans is to always stay unique to her you were were born to be. “Rebel against programmed consciousness. Remain authentically yourself.”

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