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Hear the latest from actress Violett Beane as she shares with us her inspirations towards stardom, her thoughts on gun vilolence, and the possible darkside of The CW’s, “The Flash” character, Jesse Quick.

Was it difficult calling Austin, TX home after having grown up in St. Petersburg, FL for 10 years?
Not at all! From the beginning and in the future, Austin will always be my home. The people there are genuinely friendly, the food is AMAZING, and the natural springs are kind of magical! I’ve always said if I have to move away to work on a project that I’ll be back.

What was it about Austin, TX that sparked your interest in performing and theater?
What’s so cool about Austin is the weirdness and expression that’s there. People are really themselves there and it makes it so easy to express yourself creatively. Also, growing up with such a supportive family helped. I always felt like I could be interested in whatever with no judgement so I took theatre in middle and high school.

Did you consider TV/Film prior to your senior year in high school?
I had definitely thought about it but I hadn’t taken any steps toward pursuing it. My senior year, we got a new theatre teacher, we didn’t really get along, and he stopped casting me in shows. Obviously, I still wanted to act so that’s when I really started focusing on how to acheive that goal.

What is your most memorable moment from your theater years?
I remember the goosebumps myself and fellow castmates got from performing the musical, “Parade” by Jason Robert Brown. Towards the end of the piece there’s a song the entire cast sang together that was so sobering and somber. I will always remember that.

How did you know you were meant to perform? Were you the girl always putting on a show as a kid, or did you “stumble into the spotlight” growing up?
I played “dress up” a lot as a kid but I don’t think it was until (don’t laugh) High School Musical came out that I really knew it was what I wanted to pursue. My senior year, I finally got a film/TV agent and eventually got here.

Were you interested in any DC comic characters prior to landing the role of Jesse Wells in the CW series “The Flash”?
I’ve always been fascinated by Poison Ivy! Every version of her costume I’ve seen has all been so cool and I love the red hair. Also, she’s partners-in-crime with Harley Quinn, who’s also a bad ass!

If you could have any 3 abilities, what would they be and why?
#1: Being able to not sleep and be fine. I swear if I don’t get at least 8-9 hours every night I cannot function! #2: Being able to transport because traffic is too real (especially in LA). Also, having a photographic memory would be AMAZING! Not only for memorizing lines but also for the names of everyone I meet.

If Jesse Quick turned villain, what do you think her name would be and how would she use her powers for evil?
Her name would be “Quick Wit”! She would be really witty and seductive and distract her victims before ripping their hearts out! I’ve always thought it was so cool and bad ass when villians ripped out victims’ hearts.

In the film, “Tower” you portray Claire Wilson who lost her child and boyfriend due to the 1996 shootings in Austin, TX. Would you say this was your toughest role? How did you prepare to be in this film?
This role was extremely tough, very emotional, and an important story. I did a lot of research on Claire and the shooting in general and just tried to stay present with the character. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet her until after the premiere of the documentary, but hearing her positive response to the film and my portrayal of her was one of the best gifts I could ever receive.

Were you nervous about portraying someone involved in such a tragic event?
Absolutely. Her story is one of the most inspirational and optimistic outlooks of any I’ve ever heard. She went through so much and is still able to see the light in this world and continued to be a peace advocate. She is one of the most beautifully haunting people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!

Do you believe gun control is a world wide issue or has more to do with America?
I believe war and violence is a world wide issue. However, gun control is something that MUST be taken seriously in the States. The number of mass shooting that occur in the U.S. is absurd and honestly, embarrassing. The fact that the “free” country so many other countries look up to can carry so much hate for one another isn’t comprehensible to me. We must do something to limit the amount of violence here.

How do you spend your time while off screen?
I like to bake cookies and cakes. Also, I have a sweet little bunny rabbit that I love to pet and play with. He’s so cute! Other than that, I love to go to music shows and hang out in nature.

You recently directed a music video for Eyelid Kid. Would you like to do more directing in your future?
I really enjoyed directing and of course would love to do it again. With this specific project, I was also starring in it, doing hair and makeup, and helping set up lights. It was a lot! I think I’d like to try directing again when that’s all I’m doing because it’s definitely a hard enough job on its own.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Curled up on my couch with my bunny and boyfriend watching a comedy movie during the day. Then, going out to a music venue and seeing a cool band at night!

What’s next for you?
Well, I’ll be returning to “The Flash” for Season 3. Besides that, I’m always auditioning and having fun doing it!

Contact Violett Beane:
Twitter + Instagram: @violettbeane and Facebook: Violett Beane.

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