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Amarr Wooten is a rising star who has several TV and film credits under his belt. He has appeared in the film, “Step Up 2: The Streets”, television shows, “Uncle Buck”, “Raven’s Home” and also starred as Warwick in Nickelodeon’s “Knight Squad”. 

Where and how did you grow up? 
I was born and raised in Washington DC.  I grew up playing sports, dancing, participating in school plays, and going to regular school, all while doing acting on the side!  

When did the acting come about?
I started acting 15 years ago, when I was three years old and I didn’t entirely know what I was doing. I was actually modeling at first then different people would suggest to my mom that I should be put into acting as well. So, we tried it out, and before you know it, it became my career! Later that year, I booked my very first project. It was a crime reenactment show on Court TV.

What was it like working on ABC’s “Uncle Buck”? 
Oh, that’s a throwback for sure! Working on Uncle Buck was a fun experience for me, since I got to work with big names that I’ve known about most of my life (Nia Long, Mike Epps).

Tell us about Nickelodeon’s “Knight Squad” and your character, Warwick.
Warwick is 1/4 of the Phoenix Squad and is a third-generation knight. Being that his father is a knight and his grandfather was a knight, he has a lot of weight on his shoulders and I feel like that’s what makes him relatable and helps connect him with the viewers.

Not too long ago, we spoke with actress Lilimar, who plays Sage on the show. What has it been like working with her?
I’ve known Lilimar for 4+ years so it’s been fun being able to work with her! I didn’t have a lot of one on one scenes with her, but we always had fun on set regardless.

What was the funniest moment on set? 
It’s hard to pick one specific funny moment because there’s always something new with us!  Whether it’s pranks or inside jokes, we have a great time.

Being that you are a part of the Nickelodeon family, what is your “Top 5” favorite shows on the network?
Drake and Josh, iCarly, Victorious, Zoey 101, and Danny Phantom. That show Knight Squad is pretty cool though.  

Name a pro and a con about being in the public eye.
I’d have to say that one con is that you can’t do what you want to do without being watched, and one pro is that you can use your voice to help others!

What do you like to do when you aren’t acting?
I usually hang with friends and play video games with them. Chill stuff.

How did you celebrate your last birthday?
I spent it working on set for this really fun show that you’ll find out about soon, but I got to go out to eat with my family after work, so that was good enough for me!

Were you exited for “Avengers: Endgame”? Why/Why not?
I was VERY excited for Avengers: Endgame! If you know me then you know I’m a huge Marvel fan. The Avengers came out when I was in the 6th grade and now I’m 18 and it was the final one. It’s crazy how fast time flies!

Name your favorite and explain why:

A.  Artist/Musician 
Music is such a big part of my life so it’s hard to just pick one artist. My favorite musicians of all time are Michael Jackson, J. Cole, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Robin Thicke, Anderson Paak, and Bruno Mars. I love all genres of music. It doesn’t matter to me.

B.  Sports Team
My favorite basketball team is the Lakers and my favorite football team is the Los Angeles Chargers. I’ve always loved the Lakers since the 3rd grade because of my favorite player, Kobe Bryant. We are (The Chargers) are going to back to the Super Bowl one day!

C. Film
My favorite film is either The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan or Boomerang by Reginald Hudlin. I love the Batman movie because it was so well done! It was a superhero film, but it was so human at the same time. I loved Boomerang because it had all of my favorite comedians and actors in it! Plus, it’s a classic!

D. Video Game
My favorite video game of all time is Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception. I was top 30 in the world. It’s funny because I played the game so much that I decided to sell my Playstation 3. I was so addicted to the game!

Why is “Can my friend come?” one of the hardest questions to answer?
It’s funny because I talked about this on my Instagram the other day. It’s one of the hardest questions to answer because you don’t want to be rude, but you also don’t want to be put in an uncomfortable situation either! I’m picky with who I hang around because I don’t know everyone’s motive but if someone is cool then I’m cool with hanging around them with no problem.

What is an “ex evello plucky plucky”?
An ex evello plucky plucky is a magical spell that Warwick uses in the show to pull things from different places. His most “famous” use of the spell is for cake, which I personally love.

Tell us something about yourself that most don’t know. 
Many people think my middle name is Merritt but it is actually my last name. My middle name is Anthony.

Follow Amarr Wooten on Instagram @amarr and on Twitter @amarrwooten. 

Photo By: Leslie Alejandro 

 Stylist; Yahaira Famillia

Groomer: Courtney Hart

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