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Mikkie Tiquir’a is an entrepreneur and owner of Atlanta-based Dream Body Studio where she specializes in weight loss, body sculpting and skin care. The 28-year-old and I discussed the services she offers, women and the pressure they face in reference to gaining and/or maintaining their beauty, entrepreneurship and more. Based on her background and all that she has accomplished, Mikkie has achieved the literal definition of, “The American Dream”.

I’ve come across several estheticians over the years and they all have seemed to specialize in specific areas of the body, particularly the face. What all does an esthetician do exactly and what all do you cover being in that field?
Esthetics is the study of the skin. So, it is related to all things of the skin. However, I’ve drifted more to the body.

One of the most recent estheticians I’ve met stressed the importance of drinking a lot of water. We know that staying hydrated is important overall but how does it relate to body sculpting. Also, explain body sculpting.
Drinking water is a huge part of body sculpting. It is actually the key because once you liquefy fat with cavitation and laser lipo, you have to drink a lot of water to make sure you drain entirely out. Body sculpting non-surgical lipo uses radio frequency, vacuum therapy and ultrasound to tighten the skin to get rid of fat and manipulate the butt fat. 

Tell us about Dream Body Studio. 
We are an Atlanta-based full-body spa that helps clients sculpt, lose weight and achieve beautiful glowing skin. 

You are currently selling a product as well. Elaborate on your Dream Body Studio Fat Burner Pills.
Our weight loss pills are about $45 per jar. They are all-natural pills that help you lose weight. You won’t have any jitters or any weird side effects. You lose weight naturally by curbing your appetite and they give you energy which is perfect for anyone who wants to work out but doesn’t have the energy to do it. The pills also help with mental focus so when you take these pills you’re able to focus on the task at hand. You have the energy for it and your appetite is suppressed so you’re not craving food all day. And of course, that is how we gain weight.  So, it works hand in hand together. The reason they are so great is that they are all-natural. 

Weight loss pills have been marketed and sold for a very long time.  How much have they changed over the last 20 years in reference to effectiveness, safety, etc.?
I believe they are definitely safer. In the beginning, they were kind of releasing anything in the market and people had bad side effects. You used to hear all the stories on the news in regards to weight loss pills. So yes they are safer, however many on the market out right now aren’t natural. That is what sets us apart. Our pills are all-natural. Anyone can take our pills (even diabetics) because they are a blend of different herbs that help them lose weight.

Break down liposuction itself and your approach to making it painless and inexpensive.
Liposuction is where you are pulling out fat cells. There are various procedures where there are tubes to remove fat cells and there are others where they can shoot water and pull out fat cells and also more advanced methods where they can tighten your skin at the same time so you can have a more curvy body. It’s not really a weight loss procedure, it’s more of sculpting…Similar to what we do but we are not going internally to pull it out.

What we offer at Dream Body Studio is non-surgical lipo cavitation so we’re using ultrasound waves to burn the fat cells and sculpt your body. It is a sculpting probe that will actually sculpt at the same time while burning fat. We have the latest machine on the market which is the S- sculpt that uses radiofrequency to tighten your skin as well. So, we tighten your skin and use ultrasound to burn fat. Radiofrequency is currently used in surgery because it is so effective. So, as the doctors are pulling the fat out, they are using radiotherapy to remove the fat as they tighten the skin. Ours doesn’t go that deep but right underneath the derma where the fat cells live.

Not too long ago, NYC DJ Funkmaster Flex posted a video of himself on social media getting liposuction and was made fun of because of it. One of the reasons was because he is a male and other reasons were because “he could have just worked out.” Is it common for men to get lipo? Could he or anyone have “just worked out?”
Yes, it is extremely common. A lot of people do not talk about it. We do have men who come in for post lipo massages but of course, not as much as women. I’ve seen rappers get tummy tucks and lipo. They are realizing that it’s not all about the designer but actually how your body looks. It’s becoming very common. I do think some people have to get a procedure in order to achieve the body they want. If you have a stomach that overlaps and very much so hanging, you can not work that out. It will take a very long time and even if you will still have hanging skin, that’s where liposuction and tummy tucks come in.

How did you end up working with people like Marlo Hampton, Ming Lee, Karen Civil, etc.?
Ming saw my business and loved it and now she is a regular client. I’ve always looked up to her. Marlo wanted to get some tightening here and there and she said she didn’t mind promoting our business.

What kind of adjustments have you made in order to continue thriving in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic?
We started focusing more on our products and getting them into more homes. Our mini fat burner helps you sculpt from home instead of coming to the spa and of course, our weight loss pills kept us thriving as well. 

While doing research on you and clicking various links, I came across a YouTube video of yours in reference to “vaginal tightening”. Break that down.
I don’t offer it at the moment. Due to COVID-19 we shut down a lot of services to keep things people need and where we don’t have to be too personal. However, it’s a procedure where we use radiofrequency to tighten the walls of the vagina. I had it done myself and it’s a very good procedure, especially after childbirth.

Ok. I’ve been around the entertainment industry for a long time but as a man, there are some things I probably won’t ever understand about women. I’ve learned a lot, especially working with women in the beauty related fields but overall, it seems like women are under a lot of pressure to gain and/or maintain their looks, almost to their detriment sometimes. Being someone who can relate to a lot of your clientele, what is your take on the woman’s experience in relation to self-esteem and things of that nature?
I always tell people to work on your inner. You can get the biggest butt and the flattest stomach but if you don’t have self-esteem or confidence in yourself nothing is going to change. You are going to have the same issues. I tell clients that all the time. The client will have an amazing body, not a flaw or a scar and they will still want to get more or ask about other services. Your inner has everything to do with your outer beauty.

Has there ever been a point in your career where you’ve thought, “This client is doing too much”? If so, elaborate. 
Everyday. It kind of only happens when I’m not at the studio. Many people will come to see me or have me do their services so sometimes my team runs into some problems treating them. 

Let’s talk about you for a bit. Where are you from and how did you grow up?
I grew up on the eastside of Atlanta and attend school there as well. I left to move to Miami when I was 18. I didn’t finish highschool but I got my G.E.D. instead. While in Miami I was a waitress in order to pay for school. 

Is your current field something you’ve wanted to get into since early on or did it come at a later time?
In 2014, I enrolled in esthetician school and I graduated in April of 2015. I am a person who loves money. When I saw that body sculpting was extremely lucrative and that I would be working with the body even more, I knew it was for me. Before I went to school at age of 19, I had a liposuction procedure so I have always been interested in the body. There was no doubt in my mind this is what I’ll be doing. I started out in Miami after school but I didn’t really know anyone there but once I moved back to Atlanta I got my business off the ground. 

How do you manage motherhood and entrepreneurship?
It is hard. I just try to find the balance between a social life, my business and my baby. Things could definitely be easier. I guess I struggle with being a young mom. I am 28 so I still want to go out. I still need a break. Then, I have to get up for work, then drop off the baby. It is not easy at all but I get it done.

What is your current dating status? Single? Married? Also, name 3 qualities you look for in a potential mate. 
I am currently single and I prefer someone who is an entrepreneur, silly and a traveler.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?
I like to go out to the club, hookah bar, spend time with my daughter and cook for my baby. I do enjoy traveling. That is something I would like to do more of. I just don’t like leaving my daughter for long periods of time.

What other endeavors are you currently involved in?
I am focusing on franchising my business right now. I am also working on building a company called Sweet Fire Seafood. It will be a seafood truck. We figured instead of delivering food, a truck would be safer. I’m working on that on the side in between life. 

What has been your most memorable career experience to date?
When people recognize me and students are eager to meet me. I’m a regular person but people are really taking notes and learning about who I am and what I offer. 

Social media will make one believe that just anybody can build a 6 figure empire. In your experience, what ups and downs did you have to go through to get where you are today? Is it as easy as people make it seem?
You have to learn business first. I think one of the reasons I was able to become so huge was because I was one of the first to introduce body sculpting on a larger scale. So, I had the marketing down. However, the business side was definitely a learning process for me. You have to learn taxes and even if you don’t do them yourself, you need to be able to trust that person. Entrepreneurs need to know about credit so they are not paying for everything out of pocket. 

Lastly tell us something about yourself that most don’t know.
I pray and meditate a lot. I also put my whole entire being into my business. I am sort of an introvert. People will reach out to me and sometimes I’m not so social. People will mistake that for being mean but it is the complete opposite.

Follow Mikkie Tiquir’a on Instagram @MikkieTiquira and follow her work @DreamBodyStudio.

Photo by Nathan Pearcy

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