Pastor Troy – Move To Mars (Music Video)

Via Pastor Troy

“Move To Mars” was one of My First Raps I wrote from “The Grind”. This was a Friday Afternoon on 9th St. about 7:00pm. Man, You should have seen that street…Children under 12 were alcoholics, and nobody over 15 went to school. It was crazy to me, but it was normal to them and I was so thankful for how I was raised. I was in College, but my partners was in the streets, so after school on a Friday, I took my pen and pad and wrote from the corner, Live From 9th Street. After observing my environment for about 5 mins., My First Line Was “Who the Fuck wouldn’t be Fucked Up?” After jotting down a few more lines as I watched this Man and Wife fight, My heart went out to her, but I knew it wasn’t my place…All of Sudden, The Police pull up on ME!!! The First Thing They Asked Me Was “What I’m Doing Down Here?!!!” And you Know The next Line… “Nigga, this Where I STAY!!!” My rap course was so much different than everybody else’s. I left school, and went to the same street…9th Street, Determined to come up out that Bitch, and ready to learn, remember and appreciate all that I saw on my tour of duty. I wrote Raps while My Niggaz Pumped Bricks and Everybody knew what I was trying to do…And They Pushed Me, Basers and All, So I Did It For Them!!! It’s Pastor Troy, Hoe and Now, I’m A Legend. Shot by @masartfilms

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