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Words + Interview By Tyrone Davis

Sypreme Essence is a credit expert who has proven herself a warrior in more ways than one. She was able to transform her life after a stint in prison earning 6 figures and creating “Credit Warriors®”, a Connecticut and Atlanta based credit repair company. The following is an excerpt.

Tell us a little bit about how you grew up.
I’m from Bridgeport, Connecticut. I grew up mostly with my grandparents because they tried to give me a stable environment. My parents were both drug addicted and it led me to wanting to be in the streets. I didn’t want to listen to my grandmother and I just ran the streets.

I haven’t met too many people from there. What was the lifestyle like and environment growing up in that area?
I won’t say I lived in impoverished conditions because I did have my grandparents. My mother was going through her own drug addicted demons but I was young and I really didn’t have an understanding of why we went without. So, she gave me to my grandparents and also a few of her friends and my godparents helped raise me. Some parts of Connecticut is very wild. It is the hood. Everywhere has a hood. Where I wanted to be versus where I should’ve been are two different worlds. My grandparents lived in a beautiful neighborhood on the north end and I wanted to be in the projects. So by choice, I chose the hood over a stable environment.

Once you got into high school, how did things go from there?
Those years were really bad because I dropped out in the ninth grade. The year prior, in order for me to stay out of juvenile, my probation officer said I had to graduate eighth grade. She was the only person that came to my eighth grade graduation.

How did your big case come about?
My drug charges? I think I was about 19 or 20 years old, running around with the wrong crowd. I was selling drugs and I caught three sell charges which eventually led to my apartment getting raided and me going to jail then getting bonded out and going to court until I had to serve my time. The first time I served time was only a few months because it was my first charge. I was pregnant at the time also in prison. Once I got out of prison, I had my baby but I was in a halfway house.

You had done 3 years, correct? Also, what was women’s prison like? I come across more men that have done time verses women. 
One of my bids were 3 years, the longest bid. I won’t hype women’s prison up and say there were real harsh conditions because it the way they treat the prison is manicured. The lawns are beautiful and the facilities are spotless. We have clean clothes and everything we need. The thing that we’re lacking most is the resources to help us when we come out of prison because most of the time, it is a revolving door when you come out of prison. No one wants to hire you because of your record/past. All that needs to change. As far as being in prison, what it helped me to do was reconstruct my value system.

There are different programs inside the prisons where you can choose to either change your life or you can go back to the streets and be who you were when you first came in. Everyone has an equal chance. It depends on what kind of inmate you want to be. If you want to be a model inmate and get yourself together, that is what it is supposed to do but I don’t think it was rough at all. I never had a fight while I was in there. People do fight but that is what they choose to do.

You’re now in Atlanta. How long did it take for you to relocate and did you start helping people with their credit before or after you got here?
I started the credit (in 2016) before I got here. My last prison bid was in 2010. I made several mistakes in between. My credit was horrible and during one of my darkest times (February 2016), I decided to get myself together and my company was born because of my own experiences.

What does it mean to be a “Credit Warrior”?
It means that you are in a constant battle. We have to win and we win by using the laws against the credit bureaus because the credit bureaus are in the business to report data. Okay. Even if the data is untrue, it doesn’t matter. They’re going to report it and it’s not fair to us as consumers. So, we are on this battlefield and we have to counter. When they strike, we have to strike back. That’s why I came up with the name Credit Warriors. I knew that I was in for a battle.

The saying goes, “The Game Is To Be Sold, Not Told” and being that you’re giving away this credit info, how do you generate income? Do you offer a service of some kind?
I have a credit repair service and it is a donation of $300 for the service. I give you the blueprint but I’m not going to do it for you. You have to pay me for my time, of course. So, it helps the business to thrive. I also have partnerships with different companies that help people to raise their credit scores and by mentioning their names in my group, people buy into or join that company. I also write books and sell them on my website. My website helps me to generate an income that is really passive.

Overall, what kind of advice would you give to other people who have gone through similar situations as you have?
Your past does not define you. It helps to leverage who you are to become. If you look at my past, I’ve been through it all. I can’t even tell you because it is too much and some of it is tragic. You have to stop blaming people. My parents were drug addicted. Does that mean I’m supposed to be an animal on the street because I’m angry at that? No. I have to change myself. You can’t trip.

You can trick people all day and tell them you are going to change but your higher power knows who you truly are. You cannot fake the funk on yourself so you have to really want to change in order to change your inner world and reflect on your outer world. If you give, you will receive. I give so much. That’s why my blessings are abundant. I don’t have to worry about anything for the rest of my life and I set up for my children and for generations after them that they won’t have to worry about anything either.

Follow Sypreme Essence on Instagram @creditwarriorsinc and check out her website www.creditwarriors.org.

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