Urban Fiction Writer and Community Activist, Danny Mills Joins Twenty4Seven Magazine

BraveHeart Brave Words:

Many people know me as an author of Urban Fiction novels as well as my role as a community activist. It gives me great pleasure to be able to say that today I introduce myself as Twenty4Seven Magazine’s newest columnist. I feel blessed and excited to have this opportunity to reach the ears of the younger generation by way of this new and emerging prime piece of media real estate.
“BraveHeart – Brave Words” will be a reflection of the deeper conversations that we all have with our subconscious selves. We will face uncomfortable and at times heart wrenching topics that will be thought provoking and necessary for us as a people to be able to embrace our ultimate understanding of who we once were as a people, how we arrived at our current state of being and what will be needed for us to truly affect change going forward. As a journalist, I chase facts, but as a columnist, I will inevitably reveal a great deal about myself and my thought process as I seek to guide the reader to something much more elusive…. The Truth
This column is about presenting Black men’s lives from where we actually live them and as such, this column is a place where we’ll embrace open dialog and more importantly, take conscious accountability.

I hope you’ll enjoy
I keep writing because I know I’m not alone.
Warmest Regards,

Danny Mills

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