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Cora Christian is a best selling author and celebrity body transformation specialist/body contouring expert who has worked with Dr. Contessa, Alexis Sky and more. She is also the founder of “Beyond Beauty”, a beauty spa located in Jackson, Mississippi and is the first black woman to create and manufacture Body Sculpting Ice which is a safe, non-invasive way to achieve the “perfect body.” 

Over the last few years, I’ve heard more women talk openly about having or wanting plastic surgery, specifically Liposuction and BBLs (Brazilian Butt Lifts). Why is cosmetic surgery so common today?
Well truthfully speaking, cosmetic surgery is nothing new. However, I do feel social media plays a big role.

I understand that in some cases, certain problems can’t be fixed without going under the knife, but it seems a lot of people who choose cosmetic surgery (of the kind we’ve spoken of) could have spent a few months in the gym and achieved the same results. Aren’t gym memberships cheaper than surgery? Why do you think they are bypassing the gym? 
Yes, gym memberships are cheaper than surgery. However, there are certain problems that even a gym membership won’t fix. For example, a woman who has had a cesarean birth and has lost weight after. Sometimes, there is too much loose skin to tone, even working out. So, I wouldn’t say all people are bypassing the gym because even after the surgery you have to maintain the results so you definitely have to workout.

What are your thoughts on social media’s impact on people and instant gratification?
I definitely feel like social media brings it more to the light, meaning you see it more because they can post it versus back in the day when you only saw it on TV or videos. Let’s be real, everyone (not just women) has something they would change about themselves. Some people are just more open than others about it.

Risks…..That just reminded me of the incident(s) where someone died because they were being injected with a bathroom caulk by someone who wasn’t qualified. Do you recall that story?
Well blood clots are common, infection and fat embolisms (where injected fat moves into the bloodstream and can travel to the lungs,) so there are definitely some major health risks. I don’t recall that story in particular but there was this one story here in Mississippi where a guy injected a young lady with “Fix-a-Flat” and it killed her.

Tell us about your beauty spa, “Beyond Beauty.”
At Beyond Beauty, we offer non-invasive services to help you achieve your body goals without going under the knife. My slogan is: “Before You Go Under The Knife Try Our Beyond Beauty Body Ice™”️. Non-invasive procedures help you achieve your body goals without the risks of going under anesthesia, no downtime, or risks of blood clots. Non-invasive procedures are safe and more cost effective.

Break down what a “non-invasive” surgery is, and how it can be more beneficial than surgery itself. 
Well, with our body ice we activate your body’s thermogenesis; a process in which is generated from inside the body. It accelerates metabolism causing your internal body temperature to rise and your body then breaks down fat naturally and burns additional calories.

I saw a post on Facebook not too long ago from a young guy who put up a photo of himself pre and post liposuction and abdominal etching surgery. He looks like he is in his early 20’s and was already a super slim dude prior to the surgery. I know more guys are getting hair pieces these days, but how common is it for men to get those types of surgeries? How often have you seen it?
Yes, men definitely get surgery. We see it a lot, especially with body builders.

Let’s talk about you for a bit. Where are you from originally and how did you grow up?
I am from Jackson, Mississippi. I grew up in a home full of entrepreneurs so I knew first hand what having your own meant.

At what point did you decide that your current occupation was the one for you and why?
I knew I wanted to help people achieve their body goals. The first time I did the non-invasive procedures on a client, she started crying and told me I gave her confidence. That made me feel so amazing on the inside.

What is the biggest misconception about being an entrepreneur in 2021?
Oh wow; that things happen overnight…No one wants to do the work anymore. They think when you wake up you’re successful and it doesn’t work that way. You have to do the work.

When you aren’t body sculpting, what are your interests?
Well, I am a mom of 3. I have 2 sons, Jacari and Jaylen Christian, and 1 daughter, Janiyah Christian. I am also a wife to Justin Christian, so when I am off I try to spend as much of my time with my family.

We all have experienced loss of some kind during the pandemic. What have you learned about yourself during all of this that you may not have known prior to?
I learned that even in a pandemic I still made an impact in so many people’s lives from my clients, to my students, etc. I stayed positive even when we didn’t know what was next.

Lastly, how can people contact you, book an appointment or just stay up to date with your endeavors?
They can locate us on Instagram: @beyondbeautyllc or Facebook: beyondbeautyofms or visit our website beyondbeautyofms.com or call (601) 316-4729.



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