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Words and interview by Krystal Luster

Success is one of those things you can’t define by one definition alone. Some associate their success by fame and fortune, but then there are those who credit their success more to the people who have been affected by it. In interviewing Denise Boutte, it was clear to see which side of the chess board she stood on. She was asked questions regarding A-list events, and how fame has treated her, but all of her answers shed light on her humility, not only as an actress, but as a human being. Maybe this has something to do with her growing up in a small town, or maybe she appreciates life’s simplicity. Whatever the reason, it is clear to see that Denise is as humble as they come.

How did you prepare for the role of “Ruth” in the TV movie, “For the Love of Ruth”? Was this your first leading role?
I’ve been honored to play leading roles before, but none quite like this in which I portrayed the title character. What I loved about “Ruth” was that it wasn’t about the hair, makeup, or wardrobe but rather being as authentic, vulnerable and transparent as possible. She allowed me to free-fall while being surrounded with the extraordinary talents of Loretta Devine, James Pickens Jr. and Gary Dourdan (who, I’m excited to say, is also in media) and Director, Christine Swanson.

When did it sink in that you were a star? Can you describe what you felt?
My goals were never rooted in chasing “stardom”. I just knew: That invigorating feeling I felt, when I “fell into acting” felt so surreal and natural, I wanted more of it. I owed it to myself to at least try.

Did you always have a dream to be an actress? If not, what did you see yourself doing in life?
It never crossed my mind. The only experience I had prior to making the big move to Hollywood, was thanks to Mrs. Goodman and “Clovis Crawfish on the Bayou” and my stint as Big Bird. I dreamt the more practical dream of becoming a Doctor.

Where did you grow up? Is that where you currently live?
I grew up in the small town, more accurately, the Village of Maurice, Louisiana. I’m a far cry from that farm-life, here in Los Angeles, but it honestly took my leaving to appreciate the simplicity of my upbringing/childhood.

How have you adjusted to the spotlight associated with your fame over the years?
I have a very small, close-knit, village of friends who keep me, authentically me. As such, not much/if any adjusting necessary.

Who would you say are/is your biggest fan(s)?
As long as there are other, small-town youth who feel inspired/empowered by my story, that’s worth more to me than Fandemonium.

How long has your web series “Denise’s Dish” been airing?
I tried it “on for size” a few years ago and am currently seeking/negotiating sponsors for a spin-off!

What is your favorite type of food?
Seafood, all of the way!

Which do you prefer, cooking or eating?
Is this a trick question? I absolutely LOVE them both and could never decide.

Do you believe the way to man’s heart is through his stomach?
Works for me! LOL!

Do you have a favorite dish you enjoy cooking?
I’d have to say my Signature Dish: Seafood Stuffed Catfish with Herbed, Cream Sauce.

Do you watch the ‘Food Network’? What are your favorite shows?
ANYTHING with Rachel Ray and Barefoot Contessa! Have to show some love for Next Food Network Star, 1st Runner Up, Chef Jernard Wells; We’ve got some surprises in-store for you, in 2017!

Who would you love to work with in the future, whether it be an actor/ actress or chef?
Actor: Denzel Washington… Duh!

Actress: Jennifer Lopez… Such a Beautiful Spirit; We’d make the most amazing Romantic Comedy or Heist movie, for that matter!

Chef: My ultimate faves are Rachel Ray and Barefoot Contessa.

You’ve starred in Tyler Perry’s ‘Meet the Browns’ (Sasha Brown)as well as his hit film ‘Why Did I get Married too’(Trina). If given the opportunity would you accept another role in one of his projects?
Absolutely! Tyler Perry’s like another big brother, a Mentor. I would be honored.

Tell us about the movie ‘Secrets’and the character you play.
In “Secrets” I portray Victoria Campbell; This chick makes Trina, from “Why Did I Get Married?” look like a Saint!  Screenings are being held, cross-country, before the movie opens nation-wide, 2017.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects/films?
I have so many amazing cast mates involved in each, I’ll keep it down to three!

The Bounce Back (Premiered Dec. 9, 2016) with Shemar Moore, Nadine Velazquez, Bill Bellamy and Denise Boutte as  Julie Taylor; X-Wife to Shemar Moore’s character, Matthew Taylor.  Father, Author and Relationship Expert, Matthew Taylor is on a whirlwind book tour, promoting his new best-seller, The Bounce Back. His life is turned upside down when he inadvertently falls for Kristin and has to face a painful truth about his past relationship.

Media (Feb. 2017) TV-One with Penny Johnson Jerald, Brian White, Pooch Hall and Denise Boutte as Danielle Jones; Married to Brian White’s character, Michael Jones. Focuses on the Jones family, who owns and operates JUMP, a dynasty that has dominated the national urban media scene for years. Between affairs and conspiracies, back door deals, fierce rivalries and murder, the Jones family is doing everything they can to stop anyone or anything trying to tear them apart.

Couples Night (Summer 2017)- Romantic Comedy with Reagan Gomez-Preston, Tony Rock, Charles Malik Whitfield and Denise Boutte as Sherry; Married to Tony Rock’s character, Rob. Focuses on the differences that bring two couples together, ultimately strengthening each other and their relationships.

I’m also putting pen to paper… Make that Finger to keyboard on a Cookbook of Family Favorites. Be on the lookout 2017!!!

Are you involved with any charities?
Several back home, in Louisiana, that involve Youth Education & Empowerment.

Who/what is your biggest motivation in life?
My Family. They are my Everything.

What would you say is a typical day when you aren’t working?
Typical? What’s that? Haha! Let’s just say that a day that includes roller blading and kettle corn at the beach, is always icing on the cake!

Are you available on any social media outlets?
Facebook: DeniseBoutte
Instagram: Denise_Boutte
Twitter: Denise_Boutte

Photographer: Rodney Ray
Stylist/Creative Director: Chaz E Foley
Hair: Silvia J Stankowski
Makeup: Tarrence Cheairs

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