EverythingOShauN – Pylons (Music Video)

Directors Fatty Soprano & Shutter draws EverythingOShauN and a mysterious heroine into a hazardous Hogtown, driving us through a night of action, adventure, and metaphorical pylons to a score hemmed by Xpress aka DJXP and Frank Dukes.
When our protagonists are confronted by two shady figures, we are left with a glimpse of blood and an agonizing awe that is “to be continued…”

Pylons can be found on EverythingOShauN’s EP “Almost Everything”.


EverythingOShauN Bio

If the underground is home to the sound of the future main-floor, then EverythingOShauN is on the elevator, ascending ever so surely. The Canadian hip-hop artist represents the independent hustle to the fullest, crafting his success by doing his own thing and offering his unique flavour: a blend of witty melodies, relentless spirit, the tantalizing flavors of the island, the heartbeat of the motherland and a dash of that dark Toronto sound that is heavily crafted by his go to producer & brother XpressakaDJXP.


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