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Words + Interview By Tyrone Davis

Budding actress, Faithe Herman is best known for her role as Annie Pearson in the NBC series, “This Is Us”, which recently won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for the second year in a row. Also, the 11 year old stars as Darla Dudley in the superhero film “Shazam!”.

What is it like being the baby in your family? 
I love being the youngest child. All of my older siblings are so sweet. They take great care of me when my parents are away and it’s nice to have older siblings to take me out when mom or dad can’t.

I grew up a military brat (Army). How proud of your father are you about his service in the Navy?
My dad spent 21 years on active duty in the United States Navy and has many deployments as long as 8 months away from us. I know he made a lot of sacrifices for our family and this country and he will always be my hero. I am beyond proud of him. Now that he’s home, he spends a lot of time with us.

What grade are you currently in and what is school like for you, being an entertainer?
I am in the 5th grade. School is the same for me, like before I became an entertainer. My friends are all great. They tell me their parents watch the show (NBC’s This Is Us). They all treat me the same. I really enjoy that because I am still the same Faithe from kindergarten. 

You received an Academic Award for Math? That’s great! How do you balance school and work?
I have a great support system. My parents and my teachers are always there to help keep me on track. That helps the most.

You also have an on-screen family, starring in the NBC series, “This is Us” as Annie Pearson. How was auditioning for that role?
The audition process was not bad. I had two auditions and after my second one, which was the big one, I booked the role of Annie Pearson.

What do you like most about working with your co-star Sterling K. Brown?
Mr. Sterling is amazing. He keeps us laughing on set. He has the funniest laugh. I have one of the coolest dads on TV.

What is the best advice you’ve received from your manager about your career?
The best advice I have received from my manager is “Be prepared, take risks and love what you do.” They also tell me to be myself!

Tell us about your experience in Toronto last year.
I love Toronto! I had the best time. At first me and my mom were worried because it was winter still, and being from California, we were nervous. However, the weather was not bad at all. Toronto is beautiful, and I worked with the best cast and production. When me and some of the cast mates, if not all of them, were not working we were hanging out, going to dinner, the mall, doing karaoke or even doing escape rooms. 

Tell us about your role as Darla Dudley in “Shazam!”.
I am so excited to be playing Darla Dudley. I am the youngest of the foster kids. Even though I am the youngest, I am very protective of my family. I am a vegan, my favorite color is purple and I talk a lot. Silence makes me uncomfortable. 

Overall, what did you learn about kids who grow up in the foster system? 
I learned that just because you are not related by blood, that does not mean you are not family. Family is what you make of it, the bond and love you develop.

If Shazam were to give you one superpower, what type of power would you want to have and why?
I would want to be able to disappear, that way no one could find me and I could sneak up on people. And, it makes it easier to hide! I would also choose time travel because I think it would be cool to travel between times. 

What do you like to do when you’re not performing?
When I am not performing, I like spending time with my family, including my puppy Maverick.

You have also done some modeling. Did you enjoy modeling for converse in the Rookie USA Fashion Show?
Yes! That was a busy day because I was on set and straight from set I literally was the last one in and I had to get dressed right away and walk the runway. It was so much fun. 

How often do you go “Slime Crazy” and what do you do with the slime once you’ve made it?
I have a slime closet. It’s really random when I make it but once I get started it’s addicting and fun. I usually just keep it or give to family or friends. 

When I was your age, I used to watch people get slimed on Nickelodeon. Who would you like to see get slimed for fun?
I would want my set sister Lyric Ross to get slimed because she doesn’t like even getting splashed with water.

What do you love most about your dog, Mavi?
I love how smart he is. He knows how to play tag with me and my sister Ceymone. It gets pretty wild. 

Who is your best friend and why?
My cousin Sanai is my best friend. Sanai and I grew up together. We are really close since we are only 14 months apart and our moms are twins.

Name your favorite:
a.  Movie – Wreck It Ralph 2 
b.  Book – Geronimo Stilton
c.  Singer – Ariana Grande 
d.  Actor/Actress – Zendaya 
e. Cartoon – Hey Arnold and Rugrats 
f.  Ice Cream – Rocky Road & Oreo

Lastly, which celebrity have you met that you were most excited about and why?
Zendaya. I loved watching Shake It Up and Casey Undercover. 

Follow Faithe Herman on IG and Twitter @faitheherman.

Photos: Birdie Thompson
Hair: Matilde Campos
Makeup: Anton Khachaturian with Mac Cosmetics

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