getTV to Air “The Soul and Spirit of Christmas” featuring BeBe Winans, CeCe Winans, Anthony Hamilton & The HamilTones, Take 6, Koryn Hawthorne and Kyla Jade on Friday, November 23 at 8pm ET 

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We were given the opportunity to speak with singers Koryn Hawthorne and Kyla Jade about their performances during getTV’s 2nd annual original holiday special, “The Soul & Spirit of Christmas”. Both Koryn and Kyla appeared on NBC’s “The Voice” (Koryn during season 8 and Kyla during season 14) and have been active in music before and after the show.  Below is a except from each interview. Be on the lookout for the full interviews in our December issue, as we spoke more in depth about their backgrounds, careers, etc. “The Soul & Spirit of Christmas” airs on getTV on Friday, November 23 at 8PM ET and also features Anthony Hamilton & The HamilTones, Bebe Winans, CeCe Winans and Take 6. For more information, see press release below. 

Koryn Hawthorne during her performance. (Photo courtesy of getTV)


Koryn Hawthorne

How does it feel to be sharing the stage with so many legends?
It felt pretty reassuring, you know? I’ve been working for this for a very long time and I think the special thing about my career so far is that I’ve had the opportunity to work with pretty established people at the beginning of my career, which I don’t think happens often with people. I’m just so thankful and I am such a big fan of Anthony Hamilton and to be able to share the stage with people like BeBe and CeCe is a blessing.

Dope! For those who may not be familiar, lets get into your background a bit. You are from Louisiana, correct? Also, how was your childhood?
Yes! For me, childhood was great. I had amazing parents. My mom and biological dad split when I was two years old, but not too long after, she got married to my stepdad, who has been very supportive of my music career. So, it was singing. Once my mom realized I had a gift, she definitely made it her business to find different avenues to support it. Everything that I have done so far goes to them. I grew up in church, of course and went to a Christian private school my entire life so I was very sheltered. By the age of 16, I got to audition for “The Voice” and made it all the way to the end and basically, that rode has not stopped. 

What was your experience like on “The Voice”?
I’d like to say that it prepared me for where I am now. I believe that God definitely orchestrates our paths, we all have a purpose for our lives and my prayer has always been that God be in control of every step that I make in my life. Getting on stage every week in the competition aspect of it was stressful, especially for a 17 year old. I think I pushed through very well. Pharrell Williams was my coach and he was incredible and very influential on the path so it was an amazing opportunity.

Which performance of yours was your favorite?
In my opinion, I think “Make It Rain” was everyone’s favorite. It took the throne. I think that was my moment. If you watch reality shows, you often find artists on there who have their break out moment. That was mine. I’d say I was an underdog for a long time in the competition but that moment showed people that I was there for a reason. I love that song, also. I want to cover it again. That’d be really great to do.

How do you plan on spending your Christmas?
I plan on spending it with my family. My birthday is actually the day after Christmas. I think I want to go to Mexico because I really like Mexico. Lol, I think we might spend it there because it’s a little too cold in Louisiana this year, which is very surprising.

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Kyla Jade, Anthony Hamilton & The HamilTones, Koryn Hawthorne & Take 6 (Photo courtesy of getTV)


Kyla Jade

How did you become part of getTV’s “The Soul & Spirit of Christmas”?
I’m not sure how I got invited to perform with a wonderful ensemble of people who are on the show. All of them are actually signed. I believe I am the only unsigned artist who will be performing on the show so I’m really excited to be a part of it.   I will be singing, “Merry Christmas, Baby” which is my first Christmas single. “The Soul and Spirit of Christmas” is a mixture of Gospel and R&B artists.   I am a perfect example of all of my backgrounds. I’m singing one soulful song and one Gospel song.

What started your music career?
I’m a church baby so my start in music came from growing up in the church, singing and being a part of the music departments there.

How did you end up in Nashville, being that you are originally from Kansas?
College. I came to college (Fisk University) and stayed.

Nashville is “Music City”. Tell us about your music entertainment company.
I started a music entertainment company a few years ago because my passion is teaching and cultivating voices so I wanted to make a career out of it as well. So, I teach. I put background singers with other artists. I produce vocals. A lot of the award shows here in Nashville, I’ve put the choirs and background singers together for those shows.

You have a single that is about to release now.  Are you working on an album?
I have been releasing singles since the show (The Voice).  As soon as I got off the show, I released “Daydreaming”, which was my thank you to Aretha Franklin for being such a big part of my life.  I’m very grateful that it came out in June, before her passing. So, she had time to hear it.  Then, I released “Make Up Your Mind” last month which is this funky, soulful record.  It shows you a little more of my sass that people don’t necessarily get to see.  Then of course, I’m going to release a Christmas single and actually, because it’s Christmas I’m going to release 2.  So, you’re the first person to know about this.  We’re just working.  Next year is going to be a really good year.

How do you plan on spending your holidays?
I love Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday so family, food, onesie and probably Nintendo. Those are the things that I like to do. Not in that order, but that’s pretty much what’s going to happen.

Oh, word!? I just spoke with someone the other day about women who play video games. I don’t come across many who do.
You may not know because you don’t have the conversation. It’s a lot of us who are like, gamers and nerds but nobody asks so you just don’t know.

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CULVER CITY, CA – getTV, “Where America Celebrates Christmas,” kicks off its annual “Most Wonderful Month of the Year” holiday programming campaign beginning Thanksgiving weekend, including the network’s second annual original holiday special, “The Soul & Spirit of Christmas,” premiering Friday, November 23 at 8PM ET.  Taped in Nashville, the show’s musical talent includes 13-time Grammy winner and best-selling female gospel artist of all time CeCe Winans, six-time Grammy winner BeBe Winans, Grammy nominees Anthony Hamilton & the HamilTones, 10-time Grammy winner and the most awarded a capella group in history Take 6, gospel chart topper Koryn Hawthorne and gospel and R&B songstress Kyla Jade.

Jeff Meier, getTV’s SVP Programming and General Manager said, “Following our success last year with our first original special, we were thrilled to return to Nashville for “The Soul & Spirit of Christmas” and this amazing lineup of musical talent.”

“The Soul & Spirit of Christmas” special features solo and group renditions of time-honored holiday classics including Cece Winans’ “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” Bebe Winans’ “O Come All Ye Faithful,” Anthony Hamilton and the HamilTones’ “Little Drummer Boy,” Take 6’s “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” Koryn Hawthorne’s “This Christmas” and Kyla Jade’s “Merry Christmas Baby.”

getTV’s full holiday schedule is available HERE and at get.tv

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