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Words and Interview By Krystal Luster

As children, and even into adulthood, we are reminded to never judge a book by its cover, and I believe Inas X is a great exempt as to why we shouldn’t. Music can mean and be so many different things to all those who make it a part of their lives. The same song can be heard by thousands of people and still be interpreted differently. Music is and has always been universal and it is because of this, artists like Inas X thrive, even when all odds seem to be against them. Through positive energy and love, it is Inas X dream to spread her message to all willing to listen.

If you weren’t able to express yourself through music, what other avenues would you take to get your message out?
Probably some sort of art. Acting, being in front of a camera in general, painting, writing.. all things I love to do besides make music.

Why do you believe ‘love” can’t be defined?
I think everyone has their own definition of love. I did a study on that and asked a bunch of people (all races, colors, ages etc.) on video what love was to them and everyone had their own definition. That was the beautiful part about it though. Everyone had their own experiences of a feeling. Love…you just know it when you feel it and nobody can tell you what it is. 

What was it like being on tour with Fetty Wap last year?
It was the best learning experience of my life! The tour lasted three months and I had some of the best times in my life and career!

Would you say you are opening doors to other Middle Eastern pop artists?
I hope to be. I want to inspire as many people to be themselves and share their talents with the world. It can be a scary thing, being outside the box, going against norms. But, if you do it with passion, purpose and love, it all comes back in beautiful ways.

Do you have any thoughts and or concerns regarding the recent Presidential Election?
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” like MLK said. I just want to spread love and light through my art and hope to give people an outlet. The power is with the people.

Is your music based on your previous life experiences or the every day experiences of others?
Both, really. My life, my experiences, my surroundings and people around me are my inspirations.

Was your body giving you warning signs that something may be wrong, prior to your diagnosis?
I started losing vision in my left eye two weeks prior to going to my doctor and getting diagnosed. I was in the hospital for a week getting treated. My Vision healed 100%, thank God. I am currently getting treatment for my MS and am doing great.  

How has Multiple Scoliosis affected you, if at all?
It has affected my body in ways I didn’t expect. Emotionally, I was not expecting it so it was hard. Thankfully, with my family, friends, supporters and higher power, I am feeling stronger and healthier than ever.

Who are your biggest supporters?
My family. My siblings mean everything to me. My mom is my everything. She is my rock. My fans. My sisterhood. My close circle.

What is your earliest memory of music?
Growing up in Brooklyn there was so much diverse music around me. My mom always listened to a lot of Arabic music growing up. I was Cher in a play in first grade. It was my first official performance and in chorus and band, Lol.

Do you come from a traditional Palestinian family?
Yes, I am first generation, born in New York and raised in the crazy city of Brooklyn and suburbs of Connecticut. But, I always had a strict upbringing. Thankfully, my family are full supporters of the movement.

In what ways have you incorporated your culture/heritage into your art?
I’m in love with the culture: music influences, image influences, all that! I love it and owning it and I’m doing just that, more and more. I can’t wait to show it!

Do you believe in regret? Why or why not?
No, everything I’ve done, I wanted at the time. “No regrets, just love”- Katy Perry

What do you think the world needs most in this day and age?
More love, less hate. Knowledge is power sohaving more awareness of our universe and how we all can contribute in positive ways. I hope to be always doing just that myself.

What is the message in your most recent single “Stupid”?
We all fall in love and sometimes feel stupid, no matter how smart we are in other ways. But, that’s cool. We all do it, we all feel that way and we all are stupid sometimes for someone.

What is your thought process when coming up with new songs?
Just whatever I’m going through or am inspired by at the time. The most organic things come out best, sometimes.

How have you adjusted to your increasing popularity?
I always remain humble and try not to let it get to my head. Glory be to God. I am a vessel of love.

When life becomes hectic, how do you find your balance? 
I try to take care of myself. I work out, take a day off if I can with a spa day, facial, massage, nails etc. Something that makes me feel good. I surround myself with love, spend time in nature.  All that.

Do you believe we all have a purpose in life? What do you believe your purpose is?
I do. I think it’s important that we find our own purpose and align with other people like us. I believe my purpose is to spread love and light through my art and actions. I try to align with people I find who have similar passions as me because after all, passions become purpose. Passions stem from love. Some people’s purpose may be to raise a beautiful child. That’s also a beautiful purpose. That child may become a person that will help change the world.

When did you know you wanted to sing?
I’ve always loved to sing but once I realized I could pursue it as a career, there was no turning back. The best thing I did was believe in myself. I turned my passions into my business, brand and purpose.

What are some projects to lookout for?
My new single, “The One” is coming soon! Also, I’m dropping something super hot before summer. I can’t wait!

What does the “X” stand for in your name?
It started as a mark of my independence but has become so much more. It stands for being independent but also being whoever you are  by defining yourself and not letting anyone or anything or any name define you. You define you. You are undefinable.

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